Netflix’s best new movie this week: October 23-24, 2021

Don John is our best movie pick of the week

This is the weekend which probably means you’re looking for a new movie to dive into Netflix. We have top picks from the new films that have been added to the US this week, but many will be available worldwide.

If you want to spend all weekend adding new TV shows to Netflix, Jacob took you through his top picks. Beyond these pics below, check out our best picks from last week that added some great new movies.

We’ll be back tomorrow for a full roundup of what’s new on Netflix in the US and if you missed it you can find something new to watch from last week’s Top 10 headlines worldwide.

Don John (2013)

Article: Comedy, drama, romance
Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore
Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Runtime: 90 minutes

Our top movie picks this week are a wonderful addition that hit Netflix on Saturday and weren’t advertised before.

As Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, the star and this romantic comedy is directed at something that you have never seen before. This is the story of a man in New Jersey who gets completely estranged when he is thanked for his obscene addiction to a dating scene but stumbles upon what his true love might be.

The movie still divides critics and audiences today but seeing the two stars heading the movie, it’s worth watching.

Journey (2021)

Article: Action, comedy, horror
Director: Tommy Wircola
Cast: Noomi Rapace, Aksel Hennie, André Eriksen
Author: Nick Ball, John Niven, Tommy Wircola
Runtime: 113 minutes

Because the big horror movie of the week on Netflix was not very good (we are mentioning Night teeth) We are going to choose The Trip as our horrible peak of the week instead.

Originating from Norway, the movie is about a dysfunctional couple who are heading to a quiet remote cabin hoping to fix their broken relationship. What actually happens is that they actively plan to kill each other there.

Reviews have been strong since its debut on Netflix on October 15th and seem to be traveling outside of Norway in the top 10 charts.

Found (2021)

Article: Documentary, drama
Director: Amanda Lipitz
Runtime: 97 minutes

Our weekly documentary pick Found Which was released on Netflix worldwide on Wednesday.

The document will surely grab your heart as it allows three girls adopted in the United States to learn about each other through a DNA testing website. They then hope to learn more about their past and meet their birth parents.

Thanks for sharing (2012)

Article: Comedy, drama, romance
Director: Stuart Bloomberg
Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow
Author: Stuart Bloomberg, Matt Winston
Runtime: 112 minutes

Again, we’re turning the clock back a bit for this next addition with how light it was this week.

The movie features Gwyneth Paltrow (and frankly the best thing to release this month with Gwyneth Paltrow-yes, we’re not big fans of goop) is a rom-com that shares a similar theme with Don John listed above.

Here’s what you can expect from the movie:

“While walking through a support group for sex addicts, Adam dips his toes in the dating pool to embrace a meaningful relationship.”

Geros (2014)

Article: Comedy, drama
Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios
Cast: Tenoch Huerta, Sebastián Aguirre, Ilse Salas
Author: Alonso Ruizpalacios, Gibrán Portela, Alan Page
Runtime: 106 minutes

Our international pick of the week is this Spanish language comedy that originated in Mexico.

The multi-award-winning movie follows Thomas who has been evicted from his mother’s home because he has a handful to stay with his brother in Mexico City.

Critics and audiences (mainly from Mexico) love this movie which is mostly portrayed in black and white.

There we go – our movie recommendation for the week! Did we miss any movies to watch? Let us know in the comments.

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