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It’s no secret that vacation prices at Walt Disney World are always on the rise. But even in this $ 200 Halloween holiday season and paid access to the previous free accelerated queue access, there are still some gifts available for any Disney World guest. Here are ten that you may want to check out during your Disney World vacation.

1. Transportation

I enjoy the free Skyliner more than many of the attractions in the park.

Free Magical Express from the airport will depart at the end of the year, but all transportation to campus is still free. This includes the monorail, buses, boats and the Skyliner. For me, riding the Skyliner is as much fun and exciting as many of the attractions within the park that require the purchase of a ticket: the views are stellar and give you a real idea of ​​the scope of the stations. Many people feel the same way about monorail riding. You can easily fill half a day showing all transportation options.

For a little more strength, try riding the Skyliner or monorail after dark when the Earth spacecraft lights up with its new evening light show.

2. Fireworks display

Much of the action of the Magic Kingdom fireworks can be seen from areas outside the park. That means you’ll get most of the oooh and ahhh effects without paying a ticket to the park or undergoing the crowds inside the park. And, good news, many of the areas from which fireworks can be seen outside the park, such as the beaches at the monorail line station, also incorporate the music and storytelling of the fireworks show. My favorite free spot to watch the fireworks is from the walkway between Bay Lake Tower and the Contemporary complex. This elevated viewpoint allows you to see part of the castle area, as well as the lightnings of the sky.

The Bay Lake Tower walkway is a great place to watch the fireworks.

3. Electric water contest

This sweet show has always existed and still brings a smile to my face every time I see it. The Pageant travels the waterways around the Magic Kingdom hotels every evening, weather permitting. Take a seat on the beach and get ready for some old school happiness.

4. Movies under the stars

Most Walt Disney World resorts offer free outdoor movies, weather permitting. The films are different in each hotel and rotate monthly. You do not have to be a hotel guest to stay and watch. Boardwalk movies are especially popular, as people find them while strolling through sights and then stopping to enjoy the show. As an added bonus, some hotels also make bonfire roast bonfires nearby.

The electric water contest is a lovely fun.

5. See exotic animals

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is surrounded by animal watching areas. Giraffes, zebras, ostriches and lots of other exotic creatures regularly roam the outdoor observation areas at both Jambo and Kidani Village locations. You don’t have to be a guest at the Lodge or buy a ticket to the park to stop by to see these magnificent creatures.

6. Enjoy entertainment at Disney Springs

There’s plenty of free entertainment available at Disney Springs, ranging from high school dance groups performing on an oceanfront stage, to musicians walking around with an accordion or piano connected to a bicycle. Look for bands performing outside at House of Blues, Splistville and Raglan Road.

The Wilderness Lodge geyser is always a thrill.

7. Watch the eruption of a geyser

The Wilderness Lodge geyser erupts several times throughout the day. It’s a shame to see unsuspecting visitors watching the massive spout.

8. Records

Many Disney souvenirs are expensive, but there are ephemeral items that can easily serve as free souvenirs of your visit. The park maps are colorful and reminiscent of your trip, are free and available at all Disney World resorts and the Disney Springs Guest Relations Center. Celebration buttons (first visit, happy birthday, etc.) are also free and available at the same locations.

Guests relax in front of a free movie at Disney’s Boardwalk.

9. Visit a horse barn

Fort Wilderness is home to some of the many horses working at Walt Disney World, including those dragging the Magic Kingdom chariot and the white ponies that sometimes appear in the wedding pavilion with a glass carriage. Guests can stop by and pay them a visit.

10. Take some ice water

Bottled water will cost you at least $ 3.00 each at Walt Disney World, but every Disney World fast food restaurant will provide you with a free cup of ice water. This works in theme parks and resorts. If you’re exploring hotels and need a little hydration, just stop by the dining area and have a cold drink.

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