What’s new at Disneyland Resort: the year-round holiday shop opens, a snack with pumpkin and snow spices …?

Hi DFB friends!

Halloween Minnie says hello!

It’s been a fun week at Disneyland Resort and we’ve been checking out some new Halloween snacks as well as the new holiday shop.

So let’s go to EVERYTHING that’s new to Disneyland right now.

Disneyland Food Updates

Veranda on Carrer Reial

He Spicy pumpkin fritters they have officially arrived at Royal Street Veranda and are really tasty. We especially liked the Cream cheese cheese sauce who came with them.

Spicy pumpkin fritters

Grab them for yourself $ 5.99.

Read our full review of spicy pumpkin fritters

French market restaurant

He Enchanted mansion holiday garland cookie has it arrived and we can’t decide if it’s spooky or brave? Maybe both? This delight is one Sugar cookie with strawberry, white chocolate and a wreath of mint iced cereal.

The crown cookie!

However, it is a VERY sweet candy, so only sweet tooths should be applied. It is now available for $ 7.49.

Read our full review of this snack.

Disneyland Merchandise Updates

Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe

The Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe has officially opened. It’s full of beautiful holiday decorations and even has a fun story inspired by the mother of a cast member.

Plaza Point windows

Be sure to check it out the next time you are at Disneyland.

Come with us to the new year-round vacation store at Disneyland.


There are some fuzzy cross neck sweaters available now. There is one Disneyland Sweater

So cozy

… a Donald Duck Sweater

These sweaters are so soft!

… a Pluto jersey

It’s Pluto!

… ia Star Wars sweaters. These sweaters are $ 64.99 each.

Perfect for the winter weather!

There is also a diffuse Minnie Mouse Sweater per $ 59.99.

It’s Minnie!

We also saw the new one Spirit Popcorn T-shirt here for $ 74.99.

Popcorn is so iconic

We also found some fun Mickey Morning Face fee per $ 14.99. Same, Mickey, same!

And sorry, Mickey

Pine lovers! There are some news Oliver and Company Mysterious pins Now Available! They are $ 17.99 each.

Oliver and Company!

We also found new ones Eternals Mystery Pins.

We can’t wait for this movie!

These pines are $ 19.99 each.

Here’s an UPDATE on the availability of the Magic Key Park Pass for Disneyland in 2021

20th Century Music Co.

Speaking of pines, we found one Day of the Dead pin.

Day of the Dead

This pin is $ 17.99.

Get a SNEAK PEEK at Holiday Merchandise arriving at Disneyland

Disney sideboard

We found two NINE Series Artists Mickey Shirts. There is this black and white …


… and there is a very colorful one with a pocket! These shirts are $ 39.99 each.

With this shirt we receive vibrations from the 80s

Check out this pretty one Cheshire Tie Dye T-Shirt we found by $ 44.99.

We are all mad here

And we love this Marie “Me First” Tie Dye Shirt per $ 39.99.

Marie is so cheeky

It even has coincidences shorts!

Matching shorts

The shorts are $ 36.99

Mercantile pioneer

There is something new Disneyland Tie Dye T-Shirt available at Pioneer Mercantile for $ 36.99.

Nice t-shirt!

It also has matching sweats for $ 44.99

Love the pastel colors

We found a fun novelty Beanie for kids per $ 16.99

Very beautiful!

… as well as a new red and black dot Caps for adults.

Minnie would approve

Adult hats are $ 19.99 each.

PHOTOS: You can see used accessories at “Muppets Haunted Mansion” at Disneyland.

Various Disneyland updates

We came in The Magic Key Starcade Experience, near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, which currently functions as the Magic Key holder salon. There, we were able to see a preview of Mickey and Minnie in their holiday costumes.

Hey, Mickey!

Both Mickey and Minnie will be available here for Magic key holders October 30th. All guests at Disneyland Resort will be able to see Mickey and Minnie in their holiday costumes from day one November 12th.

Minnie Mouse!

But don’t worry, it’s still Halloween, so we also need to see some photos in the Magic Key show. There is one for Muppets Haunted Mansion

Is it time to take a picture?

… and one for the Haunted Mansion Holiday 20th Anniversary.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Haunted Mansion Holiday!

So if you have the magic key, you can celebrate almost two holidays at a time in the living room.

See more photos of Holiday Mickey and Minnie

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Although technically it’s still Halloween season, the holiday snow is already at Sleeping Beauty Castle.


It’s very beautiful, though!

See more photos of the castle of Sleeping Beauty


Good news! The Disneyland monorail is back in business.

The Monorail works again.

It’s great to get that transportation option back.

Disneyland is once again taking a SHAKE COVERED A Halloween Candy! Learn more here!

Disney California Adventure product updates

Arcade Elisi

We saw a new Little Mermaid Pin “Life is bubbles”.

Under the sea

This pin is $ 17.99

Date of publication of the live action remake of The Little Mermaid. Find out when you’re here!

Backlot shop

We found a few new Her Universe items in the Backlot store, including the Black Widow Shirt per $ 36.99

Representing Black Widow

… i Avengers leggings per $ 39.99.

Avengers leggings assemblies!

There is also a new one Marvel Spirit Sweater here.

Marvel spirit t-shirt

We’re here to get the whole new Marvel team.

Pre-book the NEW Marvel, Star Wars and Orange Bird Golden Books.

Disney California Adventure Other Updates

World of color

World of Color is being renewed and it looks like Disney is still working on the show’s equipment.

World of Color is still under construction.

We will be sure to notify you when you are scheduled to return.

All dates for the Disneyland Merriest Nights vacation event have been sold out. Read more here

Soarin ‘

Speaking of Christmas, Soarin has already added the decorations to the trees’.

Christmas lights

It starts to look a lot less on Halloween and more on Christmas.

HURRY! Get 12 Disney toys that Amazon predicts will be the most popular this holiday season. 🎁

Merchandise Updates at Disney Center

Disney World

Speaking of which … World of Disney is also decorated for Christmas!

It’s Christmas everywhere

And the holiday merch has arrived! We found one Santa Hoods Hoody here for $ 49.99

LOVE those Disney dogs

Disney Cats Holiday Pajama Pants per $ 49.99

You also love Disney cats.

… i Disney Dogs Holiday Pajama Pants per $ 49.99.

VERY nice

There are also ornaments, including one Set of enchanted mansion ornaments

Welcome, deadly fools

… ia Set of cruise ornaments in the jungle.

The famous jungle cruise

Each set of ornaments is $ 39.99.

Another attraction is the AVIAT reopening at Disneyland. Find out what’s here!

Wonderground Gallery

We also found here the two teams from the new Artist series Mickey baseball cap per $ 29.99

Oh us!

… a black and white Mickey backpack from the Artist series …

Matching backpack

… and a colorful one Artist Series Mickey Backpack.

SWEET colors

Backpacks are $ 49.99 each.

The Disneyland Resort Holiday Festival is back! Get the details here.

The clothing store

There is a Edna Mode dress it’s available now and don’t worry, it has no layers.

This dress is DAHLING.

This dress is 128 USD.

Hi Disney Worlders, here are some reasons to be envious of your Disneyland vacation.

Various updates from the Disney center

We regret the loss of the experience of the virtual reality of the void that has allowed us to live the wildest Star Wars dreams, but two new stores arrive in their space. A Pele Soccer Store

Coming soon

… i Lovepop!

Soon too

We don’t have opening dates for these stores yet, but we’ll let you know when we get more details. These are all news we have on this occasion, but we will be back with some soon, so stay tuned!

Holiday Festival – and more! – Return for Disneyland vacation from November 9th. Get the Deets here

What was your favorite update from our most recent visits to Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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