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Disney’s Saratoga Springs resort spans more than 65 acres and contains 18 guest room buildings, segmented into five (or possibly six, depending on what you count).

Externally, it may seem that there is little to distinguish between the regions of the complex, with its common architectural style and the decoration of the rooms. But there are some noticeable differences that affect the quality of your stay, depending on your location and your needs.

Here’s what you need to know about the different sections of Saratoga Springs.

The Tribune

Exterior of the grandstand building
Grandstand bus stop
Picnic area of ​​the grandstand
Grandstand pool
Grandstand water play area
Backstretch Pool Bar
View from the grandstand building: golf course


  • Many rooms face the golf course. This means that they are quiet, especially at night, with a pastoral vision.
  • There is a swimming pool dedicated to this area of ​​the resort.
  • There is a poolside snack bar.
  • Buildings 15 and 16 are within walking distance of the restaurants in the main Carriage House building, the pool and other amenities.
  • Buses returning to the complex from the parks first stop at the grandstand. You will return to your room quickly.
  • Road buses to the parks stop first in the grandstand. You will almost certainly get on a bus and get a seat on the bus.
  • Non-preferred rooms (lowest price).


  • The appetizer is “seasonal open,” which it rarely is.
  • On the way to the parks, you will spend a lot of time on the bus, stopping at other tourist areas before continuing on to the parks.
  • The walk to Disney Springs is important.

The Carousel

Exterior Carousel Area
Carousel picnic area.
Carousel Horse.
The carousel area is near a gate of the resort.


  • Some rooms have a nice view of the lake.
  • The location near a front door of the resort means that if you have a car, you will spend less time driving through the extensive resort.
  • Non-preferred rooms (lowest price).


  • This is the only area without its own pool.
  • This is the farthest part of Disney Springs.
  • This is the area furthest from the main Carriage House building.
  • The carousel is attractive to children, but not satisfactory because it is fully decorative.
  • Some rooms face one of the resort’s front doors. You can hear bus / car noise.
  • Rooms facing the parking areas and outside the complex can see non-Disney hotels, breaking the “Disney bubble”.

The Paddock

Paddock guest building.
Paddock bus stop.
Paddock Pool and Grill.
Paddock water slide.
Paddock Children’s Splash Zone.
Walking bridge between Paddock and Springs areas.


  • Good pool facilities.
  • The aperitif opens during breakfast, making it a convenient place to have coffee in the morning.
  • Some rooms have a nice view of the water.
  • Rooms in the southernmost building are within walking distance of Disney Springs.
  • Non-preferred rooms (at a lower price).
  • The bridge to the Springs area provides access to the main Carriage House building for Paddock rooms.


  • Rooms facing the parking areas and outside the complex can see non-Disney hotels, breaking the “Disney bubble”.
  • Rooms overlooking the parking areas and outside the complex can hear occasional noises from the nearby fire station.
  • Some guests may find the pool noise distracting during the day.

The Sources

Main features of the pool.
Springs area pool bar.
Children’s Splash Pad.
Gym located in the Senses Spa.
Restaurant and dining patio style shops.
Bicycle rental and recreation in the community room.
Springs bus stop.


  • Walk to the main building and Carriage House services, including the gym, spa and recreation.
  • The dining area is nearby.
  • Quick walk to the main pool.
  • Good snack by the pool.
  • Last bus stop at the station before buses leave for the parks; you will spend less time walking around the station.


  • Preferred room price (more expensive).
  • Most of the views are not remarkable.
  • Buses can be full at pick-up at the Springs stop.

Congress Park

Walk from Congress Park to Disney Springs.
Congress Park on the left, Disney Springs on the right.
Congress building guest buildings.
Playground adjacent to the Congress Park pool.
Congress park swimming pool.
Congress Park bus stop.


  • Easy walk to Disney Springs.
  • There is a dedicated pool area for this section of the resort.
  • Only area of ​​the complex with playground.
  • The views of Disney Springs are beautiful in the evening.


  • Preferred room rate (more expensive).
  • Some guests may find the Disney Springs noise distracting.
  • Some guests may find the proximity to Disney Springs problematic from a budget standpoint (the many nearby shops are tempting).

The tree houses

Villa Treehouse

Although the Treehouses are technically part of Saratoga Springs, they are separate enough to be their own entity. If you have a car, enjoy privacy, and don’t need easy access to a luxury pool, then a tree house might be a good choice. If you don’t have access to a car, transportation is problematic enough to avoid me staying there.

If you want to delve into the nuances of Saratoga Springs, you can use our tool to see the view from all the rooms in the resort. You can also ask TouringPlans to make requests for specific room locations.

What aspects of Saratoga Springs do you like best? What is your favorite area? Let us know in the comments.

First published on April 14, 2021. Updated on October 24, 2021.

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