An amazing character will make his first appearance on the new Disney Cruise Line ship.

We’ve been sharing some exciting ones Disney Cruise Line news lately.

Disney Wish exhibition at Hollywood studios

Reservations for the 2023 cruises are now open, there is a new exhibition at Disney World where you can get to know Disney’s next ship (Disney’s Wish) and you could even win a FREE trip onT with Wish. But now we have some MAJOR Disney Cruise Line news, and this news set is meant for Frozen fans.

Earlier this year, Disney Cruise Line revealed that Disney Wish will appear FIRST Disney Frozen-themed dining experience with a new family restaurant called Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure.

© Disney Cruise

As part of this new dining experience, we had already heard that fans could celebrate the engagement of Anna and Kristoff, following the story of Frozen 2. We also shared that there would be musical performances by Elsa and Olaf, live entertainment by “local” musicians who specialize in Nordic family performances Frozen songs “, all sorts of special effects to” create “Elsa’s magic, and this catering would provide it Oaken “Heart party planning service … and sauna”.

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But now we have MORE exciting details that Frozen fans should know about this new space. First, during dinner, fans will be able to interact in a very special way with a beloved character: OLAF. During dinner, an interactive animatronic version of Olaf will be transported from table to table.

Olaf will not just sit there. As we have pointed out, it is an interactive animatronic that will be able to bring a lot of joy and laughter to those with whom it interacts (young and young at heart).

It’s OLAF! © Disney

But Olaf will not be alone. This adorable snowman will be joined by the only …OAKEN! Yes, it’s true, folks, Oaken will make an appearance at the Frozen dining experience and not as an animatronic. The only Oaken will appear in person for guests to see in his Disney Cruise Line debut.

As we were told during a recent media preview, Oaken and his “abundant party planners” will accompany Olaf. Oaken is the emissary of the engagement parties and will also stop at the restaurant tables to say “yoo hoo!” and make sure everyone is having a good time. Oaken and his planning service are preparing for the parties, so he seems to be really interested in making sure everyone enjoys the party.

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And the fun details don’t stop there. Not long ago, we had the opportunity to attend a media event about Disney Wish and took a special look at the Frozen eating experience. As we mentioned, the story of this restaurant takes place after Frozen 2, while guests celebrate the engagement of Anna and Kristoff. In fact, guests will enter Arendelle Castle for food you’ll immediately recognize it as you go through all sorts of Easter eggs at the entrance.

At the entrance to the castle’s large ballroom (where dinner will take place), you’ll see a wallpaper similar to the one used in the movie at the castle. There will also be busts of Anna and Elsa, legacies and paintings you might recognize in the film (like some busts that Anna interacted with), armor of a soldier by Arendelle, and even a flashlight from the short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

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The Disney team actually explored the Frozen movies for details they could incorporate into the space. Some of the lights are even inspired by the ones seen in the movie, so you’ll want to look everywhere.

The dining room is spacious and structured, like a round theater, offering guests a fantastic view from wherever they are seated.

© Disney

As for the setup of the table and the costumes of cast members, we actually got a chance to see some artwork and configurations of these during the media event.

Table settings

At the tables you will find beautiful dishes with swirling, blue designs with flowers and artwork similar to some of the pieces the Frozen sisters bring to the movies. You’ll also see profile views of what Anna and Elsa look like themselves.

Arendelle plate

These blue and white designs continue to the rest of the table design with a beautiful clear water container, blue cups, white tablecloths and a napkin with a flower design that you can see built into the entire space.

The costumes of the cast members feature more of these similar designs in a greener / blue and purple color.


One thing you will notice is that there are saltines on the table. During the media event, Disney explained that because this dining experience will be quite interactive with the entertainment, they don’t want the servers to interrupt the experience as much as they could do elsewhere on the ship, like in 1923. So here you’ll find salt and pepper shakers on the table, so guests won’t have to order them and get out of the immersion of the show around them.

The cast members who serve guests are meant to combine more with the show and not interrupt it. Speaking of entertainment and interaction, guests can expect to participate in one special parade at some point in the gastronomic experience.


When it comes to food, the menu should be inspired by flavors and ingredients from the Nordic region, although it offers modern and familiar items.

The dishes are inspired by things you will find in places like Norway, Germany and Estonia. Overall, we get the feeling that the options will be similar to those you might find in Akershus in the EPCOT Norway Pavilion., with a menu rich in seafood options, but also with liqueurs, game and other unique options. The Disney team traveled to Sweden, Denmark and Norway to investigate the dining options at this restaurant.

Arendelle Food © Disney

What is also unique is that the menu will include lighter dishes (to represent summer) and more salsa dishes (to represent winter). Both seasons will be represented on the menu to choose from. There will also be a special mead vinaigrette served next to the table, which is something more unique (it’s not every day that a mead vinaigrette is taken!).

Disney also shared that The children’s menu here is highly interactive.

In fact, we have to try 2 different dishes that will appear on the menu here and we will share a full review soon.

Roast chicken from Arendelle Sampling Portion

Overall, it looks like fans will have all sorts of unique experiences in Arendelle, from special meals to the chance to interact with RARS characters like Oaken.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on what’s new at Disney Cruise Line, so stay tuned as well.

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