Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the electric water contest at the Walt Disney World Resort

Few things make me feel more nostalgic than watching the Electric Water Contest light up the waterways outside Magic Kingdom Park. From the moment the synthesized music begins, I immediately return to the nights with my family at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort beach, waiting for the fireworks to start.

Debuted 50 years ago as part of “Dedication Day,” this nightly tradition has dazzled guests since the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney Live Entertainment production assistant and resident historian Nathan Eick shared that the nautical novelty was born when Disney legend Bob Jani, vice president of Disney Live Entertainment at the time, fantasized about what he could do with the skies. blacks of Lake Bay. – that it had no city skyline or lights due to the size and remoteness of the new property. As a test in the late evening, Bob’s team lit a large scale model of a whale on the water, a spark that would not only become the electric water contest, but inspired “The Main Street Electrical Parade “at Disneyland Park. less than a year later.


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Original original sound – Disney Parks

This unique and new show became an immediate success and continues to entertain guests to this day. That’s not to say there haven’t been some updates over time. If you were watching the pageant 50 years ago, you’d have heard a custom version of “Baroque Hoedown,” a song that would later appreciate the soundtracks of various nightly deals at Disney parks around the world. Today, you can watch music from classics like “The Little Mermaid,” “Pete’s Dragon,” and “Peter Pan,” along with some of your favorite patriotic songs.

On your next visit, you may notice another special update to the program. When we planned the most magical celebration in the world, we knew we had to find a way for the electric water pageant to join in the fun. To mark the occasion, we created a whimsical addition with a towering castle, swirling pixie dust, and a version of the celebration anthem, “The Magic is Calling,” recorded with the show’s iconic synthetic electromagnetic sound. The electric water contest you know and love continues to be presented in its entirety every evening, with this scene of celebration completing each stop of its procession.

The most magical celebration in the world is happening now at the Walt Disney World Resort! Check back here on the Disney Parks blog and follow # DisneyWorld50 on social media for regular updates on all the ways we’re celebrating!

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