Japanese romantic-drama ‘My Dearest, Like a Cherry Blossom’ is coming to Netflix in the spring of 2022

Like my favorite, Cherry Blossom – copyright. Toho Studios

While Netflix has invested heavily in South Korean movies, the streaming service still continues to invest throughout Asia, and especially in Japanese movies. Romantic drama 2022 to start spring Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom Coming to Netflix, and below is what we know so far.

My darling, like Cherry Blossom, Fukagawa is an upcoming Japanese Netflix original romantic drama movie directed by Yoshihiro. The film is directed by Toho Studios, co-authored by Yoshida Tomoko and Wama Keisuke.

When Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom Netflix release date?

Customers will have to wait until spring, but we can confirm that already Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom, Coming to Netflix Thursday, March 24, 2022.

My favorite is a cherry blossom like the Japanese romantic drama Netflix poster

What is my plot Beloved, like cherry blossoms?

Haruto Asakura, once an aspiring photographer, fell in love with hairdresser Misaki Aria and asked her to go on a date. Seeing Misaki work hard to achieve her dreams, it inspires Haruto to return to photography, but their romance threatens to end quickly because Misaki is caught with a rare disease that is ten times older than normal.

Who are the cast members? Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom?

At the time of writing, only two cast members have been confirmed Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom.

Nakajima Kento and Matsumoto Hanoka will play the two main characters in the movie, Asakura Haruto and Aria in Misaki.

Nakajima Kento is best known for her work in the live-action adaptation of the favorite anime Nisekoi, starring Ichizo Raku in the lead role.

Cherry Blossom is my favorite like the Japanese romantic drama Netflix Nisekoi

Nakajima Kento (left) in a live-action adaptation of Nisekoi

Matsumoto Hanoka recently starred as Mio in Mio’s Cookbook.

Cherry blossom japanese romantic drama my favorite like netflix mios cookbook

Matsumoto Hanoka (left in Mio’s cookbook)

When and where it was produced Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom Occurred?

Major photography began on October 1, 2021, and ended on October 25, 2021, after just a few weeks of filming.

The shooting took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Are you waiting for release? Like my sweetheart, Cherry Blossom On Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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