THIS IS NOT A WORKER🚨There is a PIZZA Cone food truck at Disney World!

Have you ever been to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds?

Fort Wilderness Resort

This place offers all kinds of fun activities such as swimming pools, horseback riding, sleigh rides, playgrounds, walking trails and more. As people with a passion for food at Disney World, one of our favorite seasonal activities is the Collection of food trucks, where different food trucks come together to taste a lot of delicious snacks. This time, we found a NEW food truck, and the snack we got will leave you speechless.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds has a summary of Food Truck From the 24th to the 31st of October from From 3 to 9:30 p.m. in the Settlement.

Food truck round sign

We went there to see the menus of these trucks and noticed a new one parked here: The Pizzaacone Xpress.

Pizza in Cone

This food truck serves pizza, but not sliced. You can get it pizza in CON here. This is giving us great vibes at Disneyland, remember the Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cone from Cozy Motel Cone?? And this new place also has pizza cones!


They call it the “new way of eating pizza” and, in our experience, they may be right. You could get it a cheese pizza cone or one with pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, pineapple, ham, o any combination of those. Pizza cones range from $ 7 to $ 9, and any additional plugins are $ 1 each.


There are also self-service additions like chopped red pepper and granulated garlic, so you can customize your pizza cone the way you want. We decided to give it a try Pepperoni pizza cone and Italian sausage per $ 9.

Pepperoni and Italian sausage cone

This snack looks amazing. Quick note here: it was SUPER hot when they gave it to us. We are very happy that it is so fresh, but we are also very grateful that they wrapped it in napkins so as not to burn our fingers. Keep this in mind if you ask for it for kids!

It looks AMAZING

Okay, but let’s take a second to appreciate the genius behind this. They grabbed two amazing things: pizza and ice cream cones and made them a magnificent snack.


We didn’t even know how much we needed it at Disney World until now.

We can’t wait to dig.

In case the pizza cones are new to you, it basically is a pastry cone stuffed with pizza sauce, cheese and icing.

Red pepper flakes

We too red pepper flakes are added to ours, and we liked the taste kick it gave to the snack.


We firmly believe that you can judge the quality of an aperitif by its cheese …

Take a look at this roll of cheese

… I just LOOK at the cheese pull in this cone. 😍

Take a look inside

Since we’ve been taking pictures and tasting it for a while, the pizza cone finally got cool enough to take out the napkins, so here you have a closer look at the cone itself.

Here’s what the cone looks like

You can do the utensil route (which we recommend when it’s still very hot) or you can just jump in and eat it like an ice cream cone!

Mm mm mmm

We thought the crust of our cone was very crunchy, and surprisingly it wasn’t too greasy. However, the inside of the cone was a little greasy for the pepper and sausage. I it was LOADED with cheese. We do not know how to communicate the large amount of cheese. There was a lot of it. We were very happy.

You can eat it with a fork or just dig it out!

We’d like the add-ons to go down to the cone, though they were practically on top. The rest of the cone was stuffed with cheese and a little sauce. Really, here was an aggressive amount of cheese.

Tan. A lot. Cheese.

If you’re a pizza fan, we think you’ll love this snack. It’s basically a meal, and we thought it was great value for $ 9. We especially recommend it for lovers of stuffed crust pizzas; this is what reminded us of the end of the cone!

Pizza in Cone

So if you are looking for a delicious and unique snack at Disney World, go to Collection of food trucks at Disney’s Fort Wilderness camps. And follow DFB for more reviews of new Disney World snacks!

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