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Book your first vacation to Universal Orlando and wonder about this Harry Potter theme park? Do I have to book the dining room months in advance? Wait, does the Universal just have exciting rides? Be careful, misconceptions about the resort travel to guests when booking and visiting. In this article, we will refute six common myths and offer solutions to your questions.

Can I use my Walt Disney World tickets, gift cards, dining plan or MagicBands at Universal Orlando?

This may be simple, but believe it or not many people think that both complexes share the entrance. No, you may not use Walt Disney World tickets, gift cards, or payment methods at Universal Orlando.

Walt Disney World is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company, Universal Orlando Resort is directed and operated by NBC / Universal, a division of Comcast. If you want a gift card solution for your Orlando vacation, we recommend buying a prepaid debit gift card, such as a Visa Gift Card. These debit gift cards are not only accepted at all theme parks, but can also be used outside of parks for daily shopping.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando Resort.

Is there a one-day ticket to the Harry Potter theme park?

Universal advertises Harry Potter lands as a “theme park within a theme park,” which is confusing for guests who want to see Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Despite the confusing publicity, there isn’t a single Harry Potter theme park.

Instead, Harry Potter’s attractions, restaurants and shops are spread over two separate theme parks with the name “The Magic World of Harry Potter”. Hogsmeade is located in the Isles of Adventure and includes Hogwarts Castle and the new motorcycle adventure of Hagrid’s magical creature. Diagon Alley is located at Universal Studios Florida and includes Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

Purchasing a 1-day ticket for any of the parks will allow access to the grounds of this park, while purchasing a ticket for 2 parks will allow guests to see both lands and climb the Hogwarts attraction. Express between both parks.

Do I have to book my hotel and Universal Orlando tickets together?

Luckily, no! Tickets and hotels can be booked at different times. We recommend that you book hotels as soon as possible to set a rate and then use the cancellation policy (free cancellations up to 7 days before your stay) to re-book if the price drops.

Ticket offers, such as “buy three-day tickets, get the fourth day for free,” usually appear in late winter and late summer. We recommend that you wait to purchase tickets until these offers appear. Fair warning, ticket price increases usually occur once ticket supply sales end.

The cowfish at the CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort.

Do I have to book my dining reservations at Universal Orlando months in advance?

Walt Disney World veterans know the exercise – wake up months earlier at 7:00 a.m. to reserve your favorite food options or risk being left out. Fortunately, Universal Orlando has more clemency in its booking strategies. Lunch reservations are available on the day, while dinner reservations begin to fill up 24-48 hours earlier. We suggest you check out the dining options at TouringPlans and book your must-have restaurants a week before your trip.

Dinner reservations can be made online or by calling the restaurant.

Does Universal Orlando just have exciting trips?

A common mistake that goes back to the opening of Islands of Adventure is that Universal “only builds mountains.” While this point of discussion has transformed over the years, the fact is that Universal has a wide variety of attractions with varying levels of intensity and excitement.

Universal roller coasters are more exciting than Disney’s, but Universal also features some of Orlando’s best-themed playgrounds. Seuss Landing offers various family attractions, reunions and greetings and play areas. Even The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has dozens of spaces for witches and wizards to test their spell skills. Looking for even more enjoyable ways to have fun at Universal Orlando without taking exciting walks? We have you covered here.

What is the best way to book a Universal Orlando vacation and save money?

Look no further than our own TouringPlans travel agency! Our trained staff will find you the best hotel deals, tickets and packages at no extra cost to you. In addition, if you book through us, you will receive a free one-year subscription to TouringPlans for Universal Orlando.

First published on June 5, 2021. Updated on October 26, 2021.

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