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Walt Disney World’s new Genie, Genie + and Individual Lightning Lane system has been in operation for about a week. The most frequently asked questions I’ve heard about this tectonic shift in Disney’s travel planning are variations of “Is It Worth It?”

Is this the line access you are looking for?

The answer to this question will probably be different depending on which component of the G / G + / ILL program you are considering. Today I am looking at the Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) feature. As a novelty, individual Lightning Lane purchases are available to any guest, regardless of whether they stay on site or purchase the Genie + product. There are two ILL attractions at each WDW theme park. If you want faster access to these two attractions (instead of waiting on a waiting line), you’ll need to buy access to the ILL. The price of this varies daily depending on the level of attendance at the park. Right now we are seeing prices between $ 7 and $ 15, per person and per attraction. For example, if a family of four wants to quickly access Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they might decide to pay $ 60 (plus taxes) to board the trip without waiting.

Let’s go back to the original question: is it worth it? Well, it may or may not depend on your situation. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you decide.

  • Are you a high income person / family? If you have a high enough income, you may have a “money is not the object” attitude about the holidays. Go ahead and buy all the ILL, Mr. Moneybags.
  • Are you ready to get up early in the morning? Now more than ever, getting to the parks before the rope release could be the key to your success in the parks. If you are early, before substantial lines begin to form, you may not have a sufficiently significant wait to justify ILL spending.
  • Are you staying at a Disney World hotel? A corollary to the previous point: guests staying at Disney hotels now have a half-hour jump at the park entrance over non-Disney hotel guests every day. If you’re out of place, it’s now almost impossible to get the first free admission tests to an attraction.
  • Will you use a tour plan? As Becky Gandillon points out in her excellent analysis of our testing in the park of these new WDW products, our testers who used a tour plan had an experience similar to that of our tester who bought all the line access products, with a significantly lower cash outlay.
  • What else could you do with the park money? Will avoiding all the expenses of ILL allow you to stay in a better hotel, eat in better restaurants or buy more souvenirs? Do you care about that?
  • What else could you do with the money at home? Are there any expenses at home that should take precedence over ILL purchases?
  • How long is your trip? If you’re only in WDW for a day or two, then reducing the ILL’s waiting time could have a huge impact on your travel enjoyment. If you are visiting for two or three weeks, spending a little more time queuing might be less harmful.
  • What is your party? Spending $ 15 per person to climb Rise of the Resistance can be an easy decision, but if your travel group is 10 people, your group will spend an additional $ 150 to access quickly. This is a mental hurdle that could be a challenge for some.
  • What patience do you have? Some people may not mind waiting. If you have a good audiobook to pass the time, for example, you can enjoy the trip as much as the destination.
  • What patience do the other members of your party have? You may be distracted by a long wait, but will your five-year-old be able to do it?
  • Is it a special trip? If this is your honeymoon, big birthday or other special occasion, you may want to take a more special trip. Delete these lines!
  • How often will you use the feature? Are you using the ILL feature only once throughout the trip or are you using it on two attractions each day for several days? The expense could be very different.
  • How are the levels of people in the parks? On a busy day, the lines may be short enough so that faster access is not necessary.
  • Does anyone in your party have medical problems? If members of your group meet the requirements for access to the DAS, you may be able to expect a trip to another location in the park. You won’t skip the line, but you may be able to do so in a more comfortable environment.
  • Have you experienced attraction before? If you’ve been to Space Mountain a hundred times, it may be less important for you to spend the money on another journey through the universe. But if Rise of the Resistance is new to you, it may make sense to spend the money for a guaranteed trip.
  • How often do you visit Walt Disney World? If this is a unique journey into life, ILL can help you make sure you reach all the headliners you’ve heard of. If you visit Walt Disney World at least every year, paying extra money to put together a headliner is not something you have to do during every trip.
  • What else would you do with your time? Buying an ILL will save you time. This time is usually to make sure you don’t miss your flight home and then buy it. Will it be used to sit in the hotel room a little longer? then buying it may be less important.
  • Will this expense make you lose your self-esteem? Some expenses are a bridge too far for some people. Not spending money to jump the line on a walk in the theme park could be the hill where you choose to die.

What do you think about the “It’s worth it” calculation? What factors will influence your decision to acquire individual access to Lightning Lane? Let us know in the comments.

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