Promoting inclusion in Hong Kong Disneyland

Late last month, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hosted its first edition Encouraging inclusion – a two-day event throughout the complex that brings together a range of learning opportunities and interactive experiences. Welcoming cast members from all corners of the complex, the event consisted of workshops and speaker sessions to advocate for diversity and continue to provide an educational platform on the importance of inclusion.

With seven master sessions covering a range of opportunities, challenges and experiences of inclusion, as well as a “Courage to Lead” workshop, every aspect of this two-day event was an opportunity to enable leaders to better embody courage. and inclusion, in addition to working. to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable being their true self.

Did you know that the cast here at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort comes from 38 countries and regions, speaks 25 languages ​​in total and spans four generations? During the Inclusion Spotlight a special “Laboratory of diversity, equity and inclusion” was created with various stands and areas of action, where members of the cast could learn about the different cultures represented in the complex in the form of interactive games, dances and cultural artifacts. It also included a series of activities and feedback opportunities for cast members to express their own ideas about inclusion and how this core value can be implemented throughout the complex.

Since the introduction of the inclusion key, Hong Kong Disneyland has focused on a number of important inclusion milestones, including reimagining our Disney look, which has received exceptional reception from cast members, as well as the formation of our new Inclusion Advisory Council. , which is made up of members of the cast from different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and priorities. This Inclusion Advisory Council is at the forefront of our efforts to cultivate the complex’s continued effort to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and taken into account in their workplace.

As we continue to place inclusion at the center of everything we do, we are thrilled to find even more ways to have a tangible and positive impact on Cast Life, creating a place where everyone belongs!

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