Review: We found a tasty treat at an unexpected Disney World location

We love all sorts of goodies here at Disney’s food blog, especially fall-inspired snacks like the pumpkin macaroni ice cream sandwich or the (weird but good) Monster drink. Throughout the month, we tried tons of Halloween candy at Disney World, but there are still more new fall treats to taste!

Happy Halloween!

While some of our favorite Halloween snacks can be found in the parks and at Disney Springs, the Disney resorts are known to create some unexpected winners too! Recently, we headed to a Value Resorts to try the latest fall delicacy at Disney World; was it worth a visit?

Watch out for the new spiders Spicy spider cupcake with spooky apple! This deal is made of a vanilla cupcake with stuffed with apple ia spicy butter cream, caramel jet and sugar spiders.

We’ve already had other apple-filled cupcakes, so we were curious to know what this one would look like!

In terms of design, this cupcake gets a lot of points! It’s cute with these spiders on top, and the bright color of the butter cream makes it fun for Halloween!

Beautiful !!

But what about taste? We’ll start with the toppings. The spiders above are made of sugar. They are not too sweet (which is nice) and they are they provide a nice crunchy texture change to the treatment, otherwise, soft.

The icing is quite sweet as it is a vanilla butter cream, with a touch of cinnamon. The vanilla cake is very moist and delicious, just like a cupcake should be.


And now we come to the most unique part of the cupcake: the apple filling! The filling was really nice and fresh and had a light spice, which was not at all overwhelming. The filling was also slightly cold, which was wonderfully refreshing on a hot Florida day.

All together, the parts of the cupcake go very well. There’s sweetness to the icing, a touch of spice to the butter cream, a freshness of the apples and a crunchiness of the sugar spiders. We wish there had been a stronger spice flavor to really augment this cupcake, but overall it was still very good.

That was a good deal!

Our journalist who tried it said yes probably one of their favorite cupcakes they’ve had on the property recently for its simplicity. Sometimes a simple, well-done thing is better than something too complicated.

A look inside!

If you like apple and vanilla flavors, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy it. If these flavors aren’t your jam, there are MANY cupcake options all over Disney World that you can try!

If you want to get this creepy cupcake, it can be yours $ 5.49. According to Disney’s Halloween guide, The Delight is slated to be available right now through Oct. 31 on the Disney’s Art of Animation, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort and Disney’s All- Star Music Resort. We’ve checked some of the other sites before and haven’t found them. But, today we found it in the World Food Court premiere at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.

Would you try this delicacy?

A dining area in a well-priced resort may not be the first place you think of to go and sample delicious Disney World delicacies. But sometimes these places can produce delicious snacks, especially when it comes to cupcakes! So be sure to check out these bakery cases and see what you find.

Stay tuned to DFB as we keep you informed of all the Halloween delights at Disney World.

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Halloween at Walt Disney World

Will you try this new cupcake? Let us know in the comments!

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