REVIEW: A chicken-covered sandwich 🤤 has arrived at Disney World!

You know we’re always looking for new food at Disney World.

Magical Kingdom

This morning, we stopped at a very popular Magic Kingdom place to try a lunch option that has been around for a long time, but it seems like a lot of people still don’t know it. We’ll try it and see if the new item could replace a lunch at the Plaza restaurant or (God forbid) at Casey’s Corner.

We were at the Bakery on Carrer Major this morning (where we usually get our Starbucks solution), which is where we spotted this new (ish) article.

Lots of people here!

Is the Chicken Strip Club Sandwich, which is three pieces of fried chicken in one roll hoagie. The sandwich has lettuce, pickle and tomato also on top, and everything is served with a side of Put tiles.

Chicken Strip Club

The food costs $ 10.99 in total.

We already have ours!

The fried chicken is practically Disney’s normal fried chicken: tasty and tender, but with a little more bread than we would normally like.

Chicken Strip Club Sandwich

We could really have used more chicken in this sandwich, because the roll was so big and there was already a lot of bread in the chicken. So it really tasted more like a bread sandwich with a touch of chicken.

Here’s what’s inside

But the bread was very tasty, and we liked that there was more topping. We loved the crispy pickle and the sandwich was very plentiful Generally.

Was quite flat and dry, But. If you’re going to try this, we recommend grabbing some honey mustard or barbecue sauce from another fast service point around the Magic Kingdom (Casey’s Corner, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and others will have sauces available). But simplicity was not necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve been eating heavy food at the theme park all day, this sandwich may be what you need!

Simple but satisfying

We thought this bakery needed another lunch option, and this one is simple and the audience really likes it. In the mornings (when we went), the Main Street Bakery is quite crowded. But in the afternoons, he is usually much less busy, that is You could grab it as a quick meal without waiting in line or on your mobile order.

Good for a quick lunch

However, if you want a more exciting or themed lunch, we think this may disappoint you. It’s what it looks like: rolled fried chicken. If you are only visiting for a couple of days, We would definitely recommend trying Casey’s Corner or Columbia Harbor House instead in the Magic Kingdom.

Bakery on Carrer Major

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