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Some might think the Dole Whip vs. Mickey bar debate is the biggest debate for a family going to Disney. I offer you for your consideration … the matching t-shirt. Many families take them with pride, even the grumpy one who thinks it’s ridiculous!

People looking and looking at all the fabulous t-shirts is really one of the things I enjoy most about a day at Disney. I think there are three categories of matching t-shirts.

The family holiday t-shirt 2021

We’ve all seen these t-shirts. He proudly says who the family is, where they are on vacation and the year. There are often so many people in this group that you see sections throughout the day in the park. I appreciate the enthusiasm and your pictures are great!

The best t-shirts of the day ever

This category is where the disgruntled member of the group is most evident, opting for the “most expensive day ever” option. I guess they didn’t like spending money on a matching t-shirt either.

Craft shirts

This category is my favorite! There are so many options available. Really cunning people can make creations worthy of Pinterest and everyone looks really cute with t-shirts. Those who are not so smart can buy on Etsy and look like smart people. I love the creativity and the wide variety of inspirations of these t-shirts.

Bonus Category: Group Dresses!

In this category, I think the enthusiasm is 100%. I can’t imagine a family member who didn’t want to wear a matching t-shirt accepting this level of dedication.

Debate tracks

Okay, now the question is, how to convince everyone to wear them? Here are some winning thoughts.

  1. When you talk about it, have your favorite drink or snack ready to distract them.
  2. With a large group, it’s easier for the cast member to see where your group of 15 ends up.My father has noticed this and is now a believer. However, he is also a career military man, so he appreciates a uniform.)
  3. It’s really no different to wear the shirt of your favorite team, right?
  4. Making t-shirts is a fun family activity to involve everyone in the holidays.
  5. If mom is not happy, no one is!

I hope this inspires you to create (or buy) some fabulous t-shirts for my (and your) enjoyment! Please share your favorites with us.

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