Warning⚠️ This video of Winnie the Pooh saving a butterfly will make you cry

Winnie the Pooh is one of those special Disney characters who can offer a smile to everyone.

Pooh statue and piglet

At EPCOT, you can find Winnie the Pooh as a golden statue (spending time with Piglet!) And in person at socially distant gatherings and greetings. Today we had the opportunity — no — HONOR to be witnesses Winnie the Pooh is a real life hero for a tiny creature. Get ready for 120 seconds of pure joy.

We’ve seen Winnie the Pooh hovering around EPCOT with his network of trusted butterflies many times, but we’ve never seen him USE his network! Today a sweet butterfly was fighting on the ground near Pooh, and he understood the task. Operation: Rescue Butterfly was born and Pooh was just the bear for the job!

Oh annoying

We wondered if it could be just a leaf, though it was actually a REAL butterfly! Pooh’s first rescue attempt was unsuccessful and he stepped on his feet in frustration. After taking a second to rethink his plan, he saved the butterfly on his second attempt! When he carefully returned the butterfly to a safe place, we might have cried a little. Or a lot.

Now you know that at Disney World, Winnie the Pooh’s butterfly net can be used for real-life butterfly rescue missions, and Pooh is a heroic bear. We are very proud of you, Pooh!

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