Will Disney’s dining plan be more expensive when he returns?

More than a year and a half ago guests were able to use the Disney Dining Plan at Walt Disney World!

Be our guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom

This prepaid package was once a staple when planning a trip to Disney, although many guests asked the question “Is it worth it?” There were hundreds of tips on how to maximize the value of the plan, and without it, guests have to pay for their meals out of pocket.

Disney has said the Dining Plan will come back in the future, but when it does … will it be more expensive?

The Dining Plan has been temporarily suspended

The dining plan has been temporarily suspended since the parks closed in March 2020. When Disney World set the reopening dates, they shared that DDP, like FastPass +, would not be available at this time. Unlike FastPass + (which has already been replaced by Genie + payment services and Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Selections), Disney really plans to reclaim the Dining Plan.

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While they have promised the return of this favorite fan add-on, no plans or return date have been announced yet. It made sense for the Dining Plan to be suspended when the parks were first reopened due to limited restaurant availability and reduced dining capacity, but with almost all restaurants reopened and capacity limits being a thing of the past , why hasn’t DDP returned?

What was the dining plan like before closing?

Prior to the pandemic, there were four levels of the Dining Plan and only Disney World Resort guests could book them (one of the perks of staying on site). You could choose between the fast-service Disney dining plan, the Disney basic or standard dining plan, the Disney Plus dining plan (which was so young when the parks closed that many may not remember at all!) Or Disney’s luxury dining plan.

Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom

Prices changed depending on the level you choose, and before the parks closed, they were as follows:

  • Fast service cost $ 55 per night for adults and $ 26 per night for children
  • The base price was $ 78.01 / night for adults and $ 30.51 / night for children
  • Disney Plus cost USD 94.61 / night for adults and USD 35.01 / night for children
  • The luxury price was $ 119 / night for adults and $ 47.50 / night for children

Why would you raise the price now?

If Disney’s dining plan came back soon, why would it raise the price? First, we’ve seen a few price increases on things coming back to Disney World recently.

Chefs de France at EPCOT

Annual subscriptions returned with a completely revamped system with fewer options and higher prices for some levels. FastPass + returned, not as the free system we knew before closing, but as Disney Genie +, a paid service that guests will have to buy every day they want to use it. And in addition, several restaurants have also had price increases.

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Over the past few months, we’ve seen many Disney World restaurants raise their prices a few dollars before reopening parks and resorts. Often, these price increases were the ones that alerted us that restaurants could reopen soon. Unfortunately, it makes sense that if restaurants are more expensive than before, the cost of the Dining Plan would also increase.

Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom

Whatever happens when the Dining Plan returns, we will be here to provide you with the latest news and updates.

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Have you ever bought the dining plan? Let us know in the comments!

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