10 cast members who have grown their professional careers at Aulani Resort

As we look back ten spectacular years of creating magical memories here at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, we can’t help but notice how so many cast members have taken advantage of the growth opportunities available through a career at Disney. Let’s take a closer look at ten of our own ‘ohana Aulani, the Aulani cast family, and learn how their careers have developed as part of their trip to Disney.

“If you had asked me in 2011 where I would be today, I would not have imagined this trip.” – Stephanie

Since joining Aulani Resort in 2011 as a server at ʻAMAʻAMA, Stephanie Say has held various roles, including workforce management planner, guest services manager, administrative assistant, and now executive assistant.

“I get excited about my future because the possibilities are endless,” Stephanie said. “I’m looking forward to finding out what else I can do.”

Photo of Pua a Aulani
“There’s always something new when you’re part of the reception.” – Pua

Pua Valdez he joined Aulani Resort in 2011 as a front office customer service manager and recently took on a new role as a recreation area manager.

“After working at the Reception for thirty years, I knew that change would help me on my path and achieve my goals,” Pua said. “So I challenged myself to make that significant change at Recreation this year.”

Photo of Amanda in Aulani
“I loved creating ‘magic moments’ and those ‘Disney only’ memories.” “Amanda.”

Amanda Gaviria joined the cast of Aulani Resort in 2015 as a host of Recreation.

Since 2015, she has grown her career through a variety of positions: customer service manager at Quick Service restaurants, customer service manager at banquets and will soon begin the next chapter of her career as stage manager at festivals at Disneyland Resort.

“It’s been an exciting adventure,” Amanda said of her role at Banquets at Aulani Resort. “I have created magic for all kinds of guests through weddings, corporate meetings, KA WA’A Lū’au, American Idol and everything in between. No two events are alike, and I can still create those “Disney-only” memories for our guests. “

Photo of Kanoa a Aulani
“I was able to perform at dance parties, teach ukulele, give hula lessons and share stories and adventures with our guests.” – Canoe

From Kanoa Kawai joined the Aulani Resort cast in 2014 as an MC host, has grown his career through roles such as head of activities at Aunty’s Beach House and now as a guest service manager at Food and Beverage. In January, Kanoa will also become the next Aulani ambassador.

“I have had the opportunity to work alongside the most outstanding performers and leaders. Aulani Resort is a unique Disney experience because of the mix of Hawaiian culture and aloha spirit, “Kanoa said.” It has been an honor to be a cast member at Aulani Resort. “

Photo of Lendenly a Aulani
“The relationships I gained and the lessons I learned during my time as a front office manager made me the leader I am today.” “On loan.”

Lendenly Lorenzo joined the Aulani Resort cast in 2011 as Front Office leader and coach. In 2015, Lendenly became the front office guest service manager, a role she calls “the basis of my career at Aulani Resort.”

“Each new situation was a gift of a challenge, which allowed me to celebrate all the victories of life, big or small,” Lendenly said.

In 2018, Lendenly moved on to her current role as sales experience manager at Disney Vacation Club.

“I’ve learned and gained a lot in my two and a half years as an experienced sales manager,” Lendenly said, “The cast members are my motivation. And with them, I’m inspired to be the best every day without never lose sight of magic. “

Photo of Charles a Aulani
“I had a great time talking to the guests while driving them from Waikīkī to Ko Olina.” – Carles

After serving 31 years in the military, Charles Pieters joined the cast of Aulani Resort in 2010 as a partner and host of the Disney Vacation Club service. He then took on the role of sales coordinator for the Disney Vacation Club. In 2013, he became the chief operating officer of the Disney Vacation Club, and today is an associate of the Disney Vacation Club planning project.

“I wanted to have a role that was fun and challenging, and my role as a partner in the Disney Vacation Club planning project gives me that,” Charles said. “I can work on future projects and initiatives for the Disney Vacation Club at Aulani Resort and globally as part of the Orlando-based planning and integration team.”

Photo of Jessa a Aulani
“We were magic makers.” “Jessa.”

Jessa Brown joined the cast of Aulani Resort in 2011 as an entertainment and greeting performer.

“I thought it would be a fun summer job before I came back to reality. But then I realized how important we were,” Jessa said of her role as a character performer and as a greeter. “That’s when I learned I wanted to create happiness as much as I could.”

In 2018, Jessa became an activity and entertainment manager, a role she continues today.

“In the end, my heart and soul are with the cast. After working so many years with him, I wanted to help in a new way, which meant getting into leadership,” Jessa said.

Photo of Raffy a Aulani
“I loved working with the advanced aquarium system for Rainbow Reef as a water science operator and diving technician.” – Raffy

Raffy Jacinto he joined the cast of Aulani Resort in 2011 as a water science operator and diving technician. Today he leads Aulani Resort’s animal program team as director of water science operations.

“I returned home to Hawaii and continued to work in marine science at a beautiful oceanfront resort,” Raffy said about joining the cast at Aulani Resort in 2011.

“The animal program team is part of the entertainment department here at Aulani Resort,” Raffy said, “So I’ve had the opportunity to learn facets of entertainment that most marine scientists never do. they get it. “

Photo of Angel at Aulani
“My Disney story began when I was selected to be part of Aulani Resort in 2012.” – Angel

Angel Samson she joined the cast at Aulani Resort as a receptionist in 2012, became a core trainer for all new members of the Front Office cast, and in 2015 became a facilitator for Disney Traditions. In 2016, she took on a role in the entertainment department as a youth activities manager. In 2018 she returned to the reception as a guest service manager, the role she continues today.

“Being a Front Office leader allows me to use my love of service and my aloha spirit to create magic for our cast members and guests, and for myself,” Angel said. “I can be a part of lasting memories that bring our guests back every year and I represent a fantastic brand.”

Photo of Daniel a Aulani
“I loved learning the hospitality operations and getting to know the cast members who do the magic in every department. After all, technology exists to help people. “- Daniel

Daniel Hee joined the cast of Aulani Resort in 2011 as the IT team’s telecommunications coordinator. In 2013 he moved to the Entertainment department and began his current role as program manager for adults and families.

“I can see the smiles of our guests all day while we gather them as a family in the Pau Hana room with activities like Menehune Adventure Trail, Kāpala Kī’i (t-shirt printing) and ukulele classes,” Daniel said. dit. “For me, there is no more significant success than doing something that makes someone else smile.”

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