Celebrating the collaboration: the sweet life of Mars Wrigley at Disney parks

With Halloween just days away, I think there’s no better time to talk about one of them sweeter collaborations we have at Disney parks. A family business for over 100 years, Mars Wrigley helps make Disney memories full of fun and magic.

Fans of our fantastic extraordinarily delicious events, with separate tickets, have probably already had some sweets made in a joint effort with our Mars Wrigley friends. Attendees at Disney After Hours Boo Bash at Magic Kingdom Park, for example, can enjoy the tasty Foolish Mortals Funnel Cake made with orange, purple and green M&M’S, as well as the delicious frozen Ginger Apple Dale drink with chopped TWIX bars. As the exclusive sponsor of this happy night, as well as the Oogie Boogie Bash, a Disney Halloween party at Disney California Adventure Park, Mars Wrigley offers sweets for the event, which include M & M’S, SNICKERS Bars, SKITTLES Original Bite Size Candies, STARBURST Fruit. Chew, and more.

For those who are already taking off their holiday sweaters, don’t worry, the International Festival of EPCOT Festivals featuring AdventHealth will be back soon! This year, two of the six cookies from the fan-favorite Christmas cookie walk have been made by our Disney chefs in collaboration with Mars Wrigley culinary experts. Be sure to check out the SNICKERS-Doodle cookie with chopped SNICKERS bar pieces and the crumpled DOVE dark chocolate chip cookie topped with a DOVE promise. Want to learn even more about all the Christmas deals? Take a look at what Jeremy has recently shared.

Did you know that you can enjoy year-round Mars Wrigley offerings at the Disney Springs M & M’S Store, which spans 10,000 square feet and offers guests an interactive M & M’S brand experience and exclusive Disney brand shared products? Or you can check out the newly reimagined Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom Park! Now hosted by Mars Wrigley, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth and customize their sweets at this turn-of-the-century candy store featuring a wall of M & M’S colored candies and over 30 different candies in the kitchen of candies like candy of candy, cookies, characters. – Applications of inspired candies, cake pops and much more. My favorites (so far!) Are the Peanut Butter Cookie Cake made with chocolate candies and M & M’S Peanut Butter Chocolate, as well as the rainbow fruit flavored candy made with candies from SKITTLES original bite size. Yum!

Looking for sweets to celebrate at the Walt Disney World Resort 50th birthday? The Main Street Confectionery offers delicious fun festive finds for the celebration, such as cookies, candy apples, Mickey rice cereal candies and more. And I’m excited to share that for a limited time, guests can find Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ear hats that include special M & M’S Castle 50th milk chocolate candies!

If you fancy something salty and sweet, you’ll love the personalized experience in our popcorn kitchen. Choose from three popcorn flavors (caramel, butter or cheddar) and then finish it off with a selection of M & M’S milk chocolate candies or original size SKITTLES candies, and maybe even a some chocolate to get an extra sweet. With so many options, you can try different combinations every time you visit it!

Every time I visit Main Street Confectionery, it inspires me to create delicious combinations of sweets at home, because nothing combines better with a movie night than some Mars sweets! Whether you’re looking for a mysterious marathon or a casual Friday night, our team has put together some flavor combination ideas based on the type of movie you want to see. Be sure to take a picture and show us how you enjoy your delights!

Classical comedy:

  • M & M’S milk chocolate candies
  • M & M’S caramel brownie candies
  • TWIX cookie and cream bar
  • Roasted oat cereal
  • Pretzels
  • Mickey Crispy Rice Cereal Candy with M & M’S Chocolate Candies

Creepy and suspenseful:

  • SKITTLES Original bite-sized candies
  • STARBURST Fruit Mastega
  • M & M’S orange, purple and green milk chocolate candies
  • SNICKERS peanut brownies bar
  • Popcorn

Action and adventure:

  • M & M’S milk chocolate candies
  • SNICKERS peanut brownies bar
  • Salty candy bar from the Milky Way
  • Graham Cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • Pretzel bars
  • Mix of trails with M & M’S

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