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As we all know, the world is changing at a very fast pace: technology is evolving, nature seems to be becoming more extreme, and we as human beings are reacting differently to the ever-changing environment. All of these signs tell us that the HR profession is becoming more and more important for businesses in the years to come.

HR is not always given the recognition it deserves as the company’s backbone. Even the transaction work of keeping payroll processes smooth, ensuring companies comply with labor law rules, and seamlessly integrating hiring practices (to name a few) is incredibly important and often granted by businesses.

When we look more strategically, HR professionals are proving the profession to be an integral part of the company’s business. Business leaders are starting to wake up and smell the coffee – some of them now realize that HR is a helpful part of guiding and driving the organization towards high quality business results.

Even with HR teams that have been given a way to bring strategic value to the business, they often influence business leaders by manipulating them as they come up with ideas or solutions. Indeed, in some situations HR leaders are constantly influencing business and organizational decisions and direction, but often under radar. I sometimes call us ‘Hidden Influencers’. Well, it’s time for a change. HR professionals must go into the spotlight.

There were and always are highly respected statues, role models, or as we call them today: influential. Influencers have traits, reputation traits, or other X-factors that attract interesting interests, find a way of life, or stories that affect a wide group of followers. This is not a new phenomenon, but it has increased like snow in the last few years.

As an Instagram influencer, or like today’s celebrity, HR must learn to embrace the center stage. Our business needs us.

Any company in any industry will face competition in all aspects, such as competition for business output and success, talent competition, competition for the best company culture, awareness competition, and so on. In light of this competitive landscape, it’s important not to lose sight of your company’s business strategy, your company’s values, or your company’s long-term vision. This is where our business needs us.

Now is the time to truly showcase your company’s X-Factor, model your values ​​and position a lifestyle of choice. As HR leaders, we must take the Influencer Torch more visually, along with our front-runners and other business leaders. By integrating our values ​​and objectives into real-life moments, emphasizing ourselves in the light of our company and for our people, while filtering it through rich media- and influential landscapes, we will continue to add value to business by becoming leaders, role models and influential.

There is no recipe or one-size-fits-all method to make this transformation in the spotlight. But I know it’s important to be real, to believe what you say and do, and to express true value and curiosity. As an HR professional, use your network, your business relationships and your insights. Focus on sharing, influencing and influencing. Being generous with your time, ideas and intentions will not only affect your organization or network, it will have a scalable impact and impact on any industry. As we identify our stakeholders in new familiar or unfamiliar ways, and impress with courage, we will continue to position, recognize and acknowledge the greatness of today and tomorrow and of course the uniqueness for the benefit of your people, organization and business.

Be brave and have the courage to step into the role of a visible and influential influencer. It may be uncomfortable at first, but in the long run it will make a huge difference. Personally, I’ve been a Hidden Influencer for many years, and maybe it’s time for me, my colleagues, and my organization to take on a new and more inspiring role.

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