REVIEW: Dear Disney World, it might be time to drop the beer ice cream.

Disney World drinks and snacks are our thing.

Disney Springs

And one of the best places to find fun food, candy and drinks is actually Disney Springs. Disney Springs is a commercial location that has plenty of Disney themed gift shops as well as other popular shops, restaurants and kiosks. Today, we head to try a new delicacy that has just arrived at the ice cream parlor there!

If we are looking for ice cream in Disney Springs, a place immediately comes to mind: Vivoli il Gelato.

Fly the ice cream

We had some VERY delicious sweets here (like the Mocha Caramel Bombolato), but some desserts have been a bit … well … weird. Vivoli il Gelato often has alcohol-flavored ice creams, which sometimes comes out great!

Mimosa sorbet

Other times, we think they should have stuck with more classic flavors. Today, we are trying one of these alcoholic ice creams: the new one Founders Porter Gelato.

Founders Porter Gelato

You can try this new ice cream for $ 8. Is Ice cream with beer infusion Goalkeeper of the founders which also has pieces of chocolate mixed.

Founders Porter Gelato

Essentially, this tasted like Chocolate Porter beer. Thank you very much the taste of the beer was not very aggressive, because we had a beer ice cream here that was too strong in the past.

Another touch of beer

In this ice cream, however, you could still taste the beer, though it was not overwhelming. It’s so much better than most of the ice cream we’ve had before. (Although we must admit … we will probably still prefer a normal flavored ice cream or a regular beer instead of a combination of the two.)

Beer ice cream

But if you like beer, this may be the perfect treat for you! And anyone who is a big fan of chocolate but is looking for a unique twist on flavor will probably enjoy this as well. Those who don’t like beer or don’t have any sweet tooths will want to avoid it.

Founders Porter Gelato of Vivoli il Gelato

While it was a unique and tasty treat, we thought it was a little small for $ 8. You can get bigger (and possibly better) desserts for a lower price at other Disney Springs places, such as half-pound cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse for $ 6 or a tablespoon of Ghirardelli ice cream for $ 5.95.

Gideon’s Oven

So go to Vivoli il Gelato if you want to try the Porter Gelato founders. And follow DFB for more updates on what’s new at Disney World.

Click here to see another Vivoli il Gelato beer and ice cream combo

Do not miss it Cap Disney fun!

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