The best Korean horror on Netflix in 2021

Some of the best horrors Netflix has offered in recent years have come from South Korea. Below is a complete list of the best Korean horrors on Netflix in 2021, from zombie eating meat groups to monster entities.

Thanks for liking the Like movie Busan train, And television series such as State, West South Korea has a growing appetite for horror. Netflix has a huge role to play in the use of South Korean media in the West, but especially for horror, which continues to be Netflix’s most popular content to this day.

N = Netflix

Please note: The list of titles below is taken from the Netflix US library. In your country, more or less Korean horror titles may be ready to stream.

State: North Ashin (2021) N

Director: Kim Sung Hun
Runtime: 92 minutes | Sub-genre: Zombies
Cast: Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Shi Ah, Park Byung Eun, Kim Ro Ha, Ji Hyun Jun

After losing his family and village as a child, Ashin’s search for revenge led him on a path that would bring the Josen dynasty and the whole of Korea to its knees.

State (2 seasons) N

Season: 2 | Episode: 12
Runtime: 45 minutes | Sub-genre: Zombies
Cast: Xu Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bey Dona, Kim Sung Guo, Kim Chan Yi

Deported from court, Crown Prince Lee Chang investigates the origin of a mysterious and deadly virus that raises the dead and turns them into eating meat monsters.

# Alive (2020) N

Director: He cho
Runtime: 98 minutes | Sub-genre: Zombies
Cast: Yu Ah In, Park Shin Hai, Zion Bei Su, Lee Hyun Uk, Oh Hai One

Full-time streamer Oh Jun Woo witnessed a chaotic scene of a zombie outbreak around his apartment house. With some supplies, and isolated from the outside world, he is trapped in his apartment. His salvation comes in the form of a colleague Kim Yu Bin, who is equally trapped on the opposite side of the apartment complex.

8th Night (2021)

Director: Kim Tai-hyung
Runtime: 115 minutes | Sub-genre: Paranormal
Cast: Lee Sung Min, Park Jae Hun, Kim Yu Jung, Nam Da Ryum, Kim Dong Young

More than two millennia ago, two mysterious creatures were torturing people and wreaking havoc on the masses, trapped in cascades. Thousands of years later, the animals wake up and try to recover their lost forms. It depends on the monk Cheong Seok, and the exorcist Park Jin-su to stop the evil creatures, and save the world.

Sweet Home (Season 1) N

Season: 1 | Episode: 10
Runtime: 52 minutes | Sub-genre: Monsters
Cast: Song Kang, Lee Jin Wok, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee

After being constantly harassed, high school student Cha Hyun Su becomes a loner and, after losing his family, moves into a new apartment. When a strange event results in horrible monsters with the intention of killing all people. To survive, all the people in the apartment block have to work together.

Guest (1 season)

Season: 1 | Episode: 16
Runtime: 67 minutes | Sub-genre: Paranormal
Cast: Kim Dong Un, Kim Jong Un, Jung Yun Che, Lee Wan Jung, Park Ho Sun

Eun Hawa Pyeong, a young psychic, born into a shaman family, has learned about the “son” of the great evil monster. With other demon possessed powers and weak-minded people, monsters are a deadly threat to anyone they come in contact with. In an unfortunate encounter, Hawa Pyeong meets Choi Yun, a young Catholic boy, when both of their families are killed by a monster. Twenty years later, the monster resurfaces and Hawa Pyong and Choi Yun are determined to destroy it together.

Warehouse (Season 1)

Season: 1 | Episode: 8
Runtime: 10 minutes | Sub-genre: Paranormal
Cast: Song Chai Eun, Xiaola, Zhang Wan Hyuk, Kim Ye Ji, Jung Young Ki

When night falls on the city, the shadow and spirit of the urban legend descends on the misguided soul.

Stranger from Hell (Season 1)

Season: 1 | Episode: 10
Runtime: 60 minutes | Sub-genre: Emotional

To accept his friend’s job offer in Seoul from the countryside, Eun Jung Woo finds himself taking up temporary accommodation in a cheap hostel. Not too thrilled to see the condition of his new home, Jung Wu wants to leave in six months, eager to move away from his new neighbors that he begins to fear.

Bring It On, Ghost (Season 1)

Season: 1 | Episode: 16
Runtime: 60 minutes | Sub-genre: Humor about love
Cast: Ok Tayek Eun, Kim So Hyun, Kaun Yul, Kim Sang Ho, Lee David

College student Park Bong Pal has had the ability to see and hear ghosts for years, eventually learning that he can touch and fight them. Whenever Bong Pal runs out of cash, he provides his services as a ghost expert for hire. One night during a haunting affair, Bong Pal collides with the ghost of a high school student who has been dead for five years, but when the pair accidentally kiss during a fight, the sparks fly and their lives change forever.

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