The Disney Parks blog features Disney Paper Parks: Happy Haunts edition designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, part 5

You may feel the hinges crunch after downloading and creating the set today Disney Paper Parks. He Happy Haunts Edition continue this Halloween season with 3D printable activity sheets to create your own version of the original enchanted mansion at Disneyland Park!

This set includes instructions for building the four formal columns that define the stately main entrance, the detailed wrought iron work of the upper balcony and the porches on the ground floor, the dome, the chimneys and the veil, and the rest of exterior facades, all made of paper!

In addition, the launch includes hitchhiking ghosts and a recommended way to stick or place the interiors of the enchanted mansion in parts 3 and 4 of Disney Paper Parks: Happy Haunts Edition. The Portrait Chamber premiered in part 3 and Madame Leota’s Séance Circle premiered in part 4.

For more macabre delights, check out all the releases of Disney Paper Parks: Happy Haunts Edition for Halloween, including Haunted Mansion-inspired tableware, home decor and paper items. Like the enchanted mansion, there is an air of mystery behind everyone Happy Haunts Edition as to what happens inside.

For best results, we recommend printing the activity sheets to their actual size, not scaling them to fit the page. We also recommend adult participation or supervision for those with young children to make this great activity even more enjoyable.

The sheets were created for the Disney park block by talented Imagineers Stephanie Jazmines and Amy Young, and require the use of scissors, glue, and folding along dotted lines in specific directions. Amy and Stephanie literally “take off” the curtains of the enchanted mansion!

By downloading Disney Paper Parks, you acknowledge and agree that these materials are provided to you for your personal, non-commercial use.

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