1971 Walt Disney World Resort Class: Meet Kathy Luck

Kathy has been a cast member at the Walt Disney World Resort for over 50 years. She began as a merchandise hostess on Main Street, USA, selling movies and flashcubes, and half a dozen papers later, now working as a secretary at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. “I’ve acquired skills I would never have developed elsewhere,” Kathy said. “There’s always an approach to becoming a better ‘I’ in every aspect of my life.”

Kathy has called Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground her “home” job for quite some time. “Fort Wilderness is a special place for me, as it is one of the first places I worked [while at Resorts]Kathy recalled. “I’ve seen it grow over the years and I’ve seen guests come back year after year. I love going down to the Settlement area, where we have the Trading Post and the Pioneer Hall, because this it was the center. [of the campground] when it first opened. I feel like I’m back where I belong and back where I started. “


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When asked about her favorite memory, Kathy smiled and said, “I have hundreds of memories, but my all-time favorite was to open Main Street, USA in 1971. It was a very long time from hour, as soon as it was still dark and foggy, but as I went up to admire the castle, the sky behind it was completely black, the spotlights had perfectly illuminated the castle, and because of the fog there were all these sparks of the arch. of Sant Martí around the castle A group of us stayed there to watch the sun rise and put the castle in pink.

Kathy remembered that she never thought she would work here for so long, but as she spent each year with each monumental birthday, she was determined to continue working for a company she adores and calls home. “If I had to name my closest friends, they’re all connected to Disney. There are people I’ve known for over 40 years and we’re still together to this day.” Kathy even mentioned that one of these friends lives all over the country in California and, although they have only met once in person, she is her closest friend.

“Honestly, I can’t believe they spent 50 years here at Walt Disney World. I still remember walking down Main Street, USA for the first time, listening to the music, seeing the lights and even the peanut-smelling smell it was making. a la [Main Street] Pastry shop. I still love being in the middle to watch and hear how others enjoy the magic around them. ”

When it comes to keeping the magic alive, Kathy shared how much she enjoys helping guests make a special keepsake that they can tell others. “The real magic of Disney is sharing it with others.”

Kathy Luck at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

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