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What we are talking about: News and rumors from Disney and Universal Orlando

Disneyland Resort has raised most daily ticket prices this week. Prices rose by 3% to 8%, and standard daily parking rates rose by 20%. Parks last increased ticket prices in February 2020, shortly before parks closed for 13 months due to the pandemic.

Bob said what we were all thinking: I think it would be a headline if prices went down …

Jennifer says: That’s why Disney World has 19 different 1-day ticket prices for 2022 and publishes new 2- to 3-month ticket prices at once; it’s much harder to write headlines like this.

It is the parade that will never end. Yes, go on and my friend …. this week, Disney said we haven’t seen the end of the main street power show. Are you excited about his return or would you like him to finally retire for good?

Jennifer has a request: I’m happy for Disneyland. Then do Disney World.

Joan is excited: It would be great to see the electric parade again! It’s one of my favorite memories of my first trip when I was little.

Disney has given the green light to an animation program about the first people in charge of Craig Gerber, who also created Sofia the First and Elena of Valor. Firebirds will premiere next year at Disney Junior and Disney + and follows a team of young children who are children of first responders, along with their talking vehicle mates, as they embark on adventures together and learn what it really means to be a hero. .

Julia is a little happy not to have to look at her: Tan. . . Is the Canine Patrol with the cars? I’m sure the kids will love it, but I’m so glad my son got over this kind of show!

Neil is pleased with the development, but: I’m glad to know that when my 2-year-old passes the Dog Patrol, there will be something almost identical that will take its place!

Julia replied: There is always… ..always… ..

This week, we received the teaser trailer for the upcoming Pixar movie, Light year. The film opens next summer and will tell the story of the man who inspired the toy. Of course, we have some thoughts.

John says: I have to say that the animation of the trailer looks absolutely fantastic! I am so excited to see this movie. I also wonder how they will fit Mrs. Nesbitt’s dress into the story. (I also agree with Mrs. Nesbitt …)

Neil is a little more on the fence: I don’t care how good this movie is, the idea of ​​a Buzz Lightyear home story sounds like an SNL sketch to me.

Bob spoke: Does Captain America play Buzz Lightyear? This will be interesting.

Universal theme parks have had another profitable quarter as they continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. All this according to a profit report published this week.

Joe shares: This means that the Epic Universe is being built on a large scale.

What are you talking about?

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