NEWS: The DATE for the opening of the Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort has been announced

There are stunning theme hotels in every Disney park around the world.

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There are themed hotels from the past. amazing-themed rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and more. But one place Pixar fans can be very excited about is the NEW Hotel Toy Story arriving at Tokyo Disney Resort! We’ve already seen a bit about this hotel (including the theme, rooms and size), though now we know when the hotel will be open to guests.

Disney announced on Twitter that the new Hotel Toy Story will open its doors at Tokyo Disney Resort on April 5, 2022!

From then on, guests will be able to stay in comfortable rooms decorated to look like Andy’s room of the iconic Pixar History of toys. Rooms even include Woody roller-inspired heads and a large Mickey Mouse wristwatch.

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The exterior of the hotel looks like toy blocks against a cloudy blue sky and its design adds to the overall fun design of this entire space. The complex is designed to make you feel as if you have shrunk to the size of a toy. You’ll find Buzz Lightyear and Jessie as part of Slinky Dog Park in front of the entrance, and Woody and Bo Peep will be at Toy Friends Square (which is a courtyard next to the lobby).

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The lobby will be colorful, with a ceiling designed to look like a board game.

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This hotel was originally scheduled to open in 2021, but has been delayed a bit. It will be the fifth Disney hotel at the Tokyo Disney Resort and the first moderate-level hotel in the resort. Is located in front of Bayside Station on the Disney Resort Line, which takes guests to Tokyo’s two Disney parks.

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The hotel will have a café called Lotso Garden Cafe, which will offer a buffet for breakfast and dinner. There will also be Gift Planet (a Disney store), Shop Together (a hotel store with essentials like diapers and more), Slinky Dog Park (which is the square in front of the main entrance), Toy Friends Square (the lobby garden), and more.

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We are excited to see what this hotel will be like when it opens! Stay tuned to DFB for more updates on Disney parks around the world.

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