What’s new in Netflix Australia this week: October 30, 2021

Colin in Black and White Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix this week

There are 30 new movies and TV shows to enjoy from the Netflix Australia Library this week. Here’s what’s new this week on Netflix Australia on October 30th, 2021.

First, here are last week’s highlights:

Colin in Black and White (limited series) N

Season: 1 | Episode: 6
Type: Biographies, plays, sports | Runtime: 30 minutes
Cast: Jaden Michael, Colin Kepernick, Gabriel Omac, Mess Coronel, Amr

Famous for his exploitation and political activism on the field, Colin Kepernick can tell his story, and how his experience led him to become the man and activist that he is today.

The series explores the early years of Colin Copernicus, as he navigates his path through race, class, and activities that led him to become the future NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and political activist.

Midway (2019)

Director: Roland Emerich
Type: Action, Drama, History | Runtime: 138 minutes
Cast: Ed Screen, Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans, Mandy Moore

A passion project for director Roland Emmerich, the feature is one of the most expensive independent films ever made on a budget of $ 100 million (US dollars).

The United States joined the war against the Axis Powers after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. In the wake of the bombing, the Japanese took a bold step to completely turn the tide of war in their favor by attacking Midway Island.

Gender: Unzip (2021) N

Director: Gabe Turner, Benjamin Turner
Type: Documentary, Comedy | Runtime: 59 minutes
Cast: Saweetie, Michelle Buteau, Nikki Glaser, London Hughes, Katherine Ryan

Wrap Superstar Sweety hosts a celebration of sexual health and positivity, with the help of expert educators, candid stand-up and uninterrupted dolls.

Here are the latest additions to Netflix Australia 7 this week

This week Netflix added 10 new movies to Australia: October 30, 2021

  • A Moody’s Christmas (2012)
  • Thieves Force (2021) N
  • Hypnotic (2021) N
  • In Vitro (2019)
  • Labam (2021)
  • Like boss (2020)
  • Locilo (2020)
  • Midway (2019)
  • No one sleeps tonight 2 (2021) N
  • U Turn (2016)

This week Netflix added 12 new TV shows to Australia: October 30, 2021

  • An Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts (Season 1) N
  • Call My Agent Bollywood (Season 1) n
  • Colin in Black and White (limited series) N
  • The Cry (Season 1)
  • Fred (Season 1))
  • Luis Miguel – The Series (Season 3) N
  • The Moody’s (Season 1)
  • Mithomaniac (Season 2) N
  • Prisoner No. 1 (Season 1)
  • Cyntonia (Season 2) N
  • Jacket (Season 3) N
  • That takes time (Season 1) N

3 new documentaries and documentaries have been added to Netflix Australia this week: October 30, 2021

  • Samuni Road (2018)
  • Gender: Unzip (2021) N
  • Purpose (limited series) N

4 new stand-up specials added to Netflix Australia this week: October 30, 2021

  • Aaron (2021) N
  • Sinbad: Afros and Bellbottoms: Live from Nyc (2006)
  • Sinbad: Nathin ‘But the Funk: Live from Aruba (1998)
  • Sinbad: The Son of a Preacher (1996)

1 new reality series added to Netflix Australia this week: October 30, 2021

  • Old People’s Home for 4 year olds (Season 1)

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