When will ‘Rosewell, New Mexico’ season 4 be on Netflix?

Roswell, New Mexico – Photo: CW

Roswell, New Mexico Coming back to the fourth season on The CW and according to the previous season, Season 4 will also come on Netflix but only in the United States and only when the series ends broadcasting. Here’s how that release schedule currently looks and when we can expect it Roswell, New Mexico Streaming on Netflix.

If you’ve never dived into the series before, this is an adaptation of the Melinda Metz novel (the second to hit our screens). The CW series resumed airing in 2019, and all three seasons are now streaming on Netflix US. The most recent season has been seen on Netflix

Season 4’s Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 was confirmed by The CW even before it started airing.

Production of 4 seasons began in August 2021 with new season filming locations in Espanola, Moriarty, Bernalilo, Las Vegas, Pecos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and San Felipe in New Mexico and Santo Domingo Pueblos. Filming is scheduled to end in January 2022.

When will Rosewell, New Mexico broadcast on CW?

Before coming to Netflix, the series will have to air on CW.

With the production schedule and it being confirmed that the series will come to CW as part of the midseason premiere, we expect a scheduled start in early 2022.

Season 3 was significantly postponed from its usual January and March premiere window in July.

As always, the best way to watch new episodes Roswell, New Mexico Since they are either tuning live or watching on the CW app a few hours after the show airs but the episodes don’t stay there long.

Rosewell New Mexico Season 3 Netflix Release Date 1

Roswell, New Mexico – Photo: CW

Rosewell, New Mexico Netflix release date

As we mentioned, Netflix gets a new season in the US Roswell, New Mexico About a week or so after their completion. It was a bit later for 3 seasons but it is understandable due to production delays.

We hope the show returns to its traditional schedule throughout 13 episodes, we are currently hoping Season 4 will arrive on Netflix between May and July 2022.

We’ll keep it updated as we learn more but for now, this is the best window for us for 4 seasons. Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell, New Mexico Netflix coming internationally?

We are often asked about Netflix’s prospects for international rights Roswell, New Mexico. Sadly, the show has remained unsold in most areas.

Instead, we expect the series to be one of HBO Max’s flagship shows as it spreads around the world (for example it recently reached Europe and Latin America).

Those who are patient can probably make up for the lack of its availability internationally using a VPN but this is not something we actively recommend.

Are you excited for another season Roswell, New Mexico? Let us know in the comments below.

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