Your daily dose of laughter from Disney World: Business Zebra Edition (trust us here) 🦓

Today is a good day at Disney World. Because? Because Business zebra.

Gift market

Maybe you’re thinking, “what or who is “Business Zebra?“It’s okay. We’ll explain everything. Sit back, relax and listen to this wonderful story.

Today we visited Gift market en Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. We were so young, so innocent, with no idea that our lives were about to change forever. Are you ready?

Gift market

WATCH. It’s Business Zebra. 🦓

Business ZebraTM

We have many thoughts. Who is the Zebra talking to? Why does your body language seem vaguely annoying? In addition, they are giving us a lot of energy from the Main Character.

Let’s take a closer look

Is Business Zebra on hold with Disney? A DFB team member said he thought Business Zebra had probably been on hold with Disney World for four hours trying to book Geni + for his trip next year. 😂

Hello? Disney?

Our opinion? Business Zebra is just trying to plan an unforgettable trip for his small, adorable family of zebras and has been listening to Disney music for too long (although this music can be a lot of fun to listen to for a while).

Hi, here is Business Zebra

We can imagine it now: “Yeah, I just want to add Genie + to my ticket package. And make me Star Wars hotel reservations too. What do you mean the dates I want are EXHAUSTED ?!” 😱


If you’re still not questioning our sanity, you may also be wondering what Business Zebra has on your computer, and the answer is a zebra and a giraffe (of course). Maybe this is the son and best friend of Business Zebra? Someone start writing this script!

A Zebra Computer (of course)

All Business Zebra wants is to create memories with their family so that they feel less guilty about spending so much time at Zebra Business. Is it too hard to ask ?!

And perhaps the most amazing thing (surely you’re thinking of waiting … is there more ?!) of Business Zebra is that this figure costs $ 195.99. Yes, Business Zebra costs almost $ 200.

Business Zebra is … expensive!

If you want your own Business Zebra, go to Zawadi Marketplace at Animal Kingdom Lodge. And make sure you have $ 200 too. Then check back with DFB for more Disney World news that may or may not include Business Zebra.

Is Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge worth it? Watch our video to find out!

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