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Walt Disney World is a photographer’s dream: landmarks, classic attractions, immersive worlds, fascinating wildlife, beautiful gardens, adorable characters, food parties, and the happiest faces on earth! Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a social media star, or just want some beautiful photos to remember your trip, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get great photos. Here are 10 photo shoots that will make your camera come back again and again:

  1. Train station: Just after you enter the tapstiles of the Magic Kingdom, you come across the cheerful view of the WDW train station and you know you have arrived! Red brick, green shingles, and wrought-iron accents are beginning to take you to the turn of the century, and the magnificent front garden (which changes with the seasons!) Includes a Mickey not so hidden in the landscape. This is a very popular place to take photos, not only because it’s classic, but also because it’s literally the first thing you see. Arrive early to avoid the masses or return later in the day.
  2. Cinderella Castle: It is one of the most photographed places in the world for a reason! As you walk down the main street of the United States, you can’t help but marvel at the classic fairy-tale castle that rises in front of you, with towers, turrets, and a moat. Regardless of how you feel about the recent “brilliant” or new 50th anniversary decor, Cinderella Castle is a marvel to behold. Whether you’re opting for a selfie with Mickey’s ears or gathering your entire group, you need a photo at the castle. You can also try a photo from the side or back of the castle; they are equally spectacular but less photographed.
  3. Classic Fantasyland Attractions: Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mad Tea Party and Prince Charming Regal Carrousel are left out of many tour plans because they are considered “slow-loading” trips. However, one of the advantages of being slow charging is that you have time to take out your phone and take a few photos before you start the trip. While these attractions may not be the most innovative, they are classics of the opening day and certainly adorable, which makes them fantastic and nostalgic photos. Come along with your jeweled carousel horse, take a colorful tea cup selfie or smile with everyone’s favorite flying elephant.
  4. Earth spacecraft: Also known as a balloon or EPCOT ball, this geodesic sphere is the icon of the park and makes a beautiful backdrop for photos. For something different: take a picture of the Earth spacecraft with the new fountain in front, the right time to take a picture while the monorail passes (2 icons in a picture!) Or take some pictures at night with the new one amazing lighting. effects.
  5. World reference: The EPCOT World Showcase hosts 11 different countries, with scaled-down versions of some amazing cultural monuments. Where else can you put with the Eiffel Tower, the Chinese temple of heaven, Venetian gondolas, a Japanese pagoda, a London telephone booth, an Aztec pyramid and more, all in one day? While eating or drinking around the world, be sure to photograph your travels as well!
  6. Millennium Falcon: It’s the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy and I’ve heard it can make the Kessel race in less than 12 parsecs! Even if you’re not a big Star Wars fan, the Millennium Falcon is iconic and is sure to impress you with the scope and attention to detail the Imagineers have put into building it as part of Galaxy’s expansion Edge.
  7. Tree of life: The centerpiece of Animal Kingdom is an impressive work of art. With 145 feet tall and over 300 hand-carved animals on its trunk, take some time not only to explore the tree and choose the different species represented, but to take some photos with your favorites.
  8. Wildlife: You have to explore the desert … and photograph it! And with over 300 species living on the site, Animal Kingdom is the place to do it. Make sure you have your camera ready for Kilimanjaro Safaris – you never know what animals you’ll see and how close they will get. Or try the Maharajah Jungle Trek, the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, the Oasis or other exhibits throughout the park where you can go at your own pace and take pictures of a variety of animals in action.
  9. Mickey Mouse: If they didn’t take a picture of you with Mickey, did you even go to Disney World? He was the one who started it all, so it’s worth queuing up to get this photo. Mickey is available to see him at the 4 theme parks (each in a different outfit), so you’ll have ample opportunity to pose with the same big cheese.

  10. The food: Classic snacks, such as Mickey’s ice cream bars, Dole Whips, and churros, make for really fun photos. On our last trip, my sister did her mission to take a picture with a Mickey bar (our favorite treat) at each of the 4 parks (mission accomplished)! If you have a more refined palate, Disney is a paradise for food photographers. EPCOT festival stands always have plenty of Instagram-worthy dishes, or they capture something from another world, like Batuu’s blue milk or Pandora’s dessert. Food photographs are always a pleasure to people.

Photo bonus: It all started with the Purple Wall, but it has become many more accent walls for Instagram that appear all over Walt Disney World. Using one of these walls as a background is a great way to highlight your unique Disney style. Find a wall that speaks to you and make a posture.

These are just some of the things you are sure to want to capture during your magical vacation. Taking photos is a great way to remember all the things you saw and did at Walt Disney World. Don’t worry so much about taking the perfect photo that you forget to take a moment to soak it all up!

What are your favorite things to photograph at Disney?

First published on April 25, 2021. Updated on October 30, 2021.

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