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When Genie + prices were first announced, there was a lot of talk about the daily price and whether it would be worth it. We even did a series of articles based on this price to try to guess the time savings (based on FastPass data) compared to the hourly cost of a park ticket. And then Genie was released, and people’s eyes widened even more when they realized that the $ 15 Disney announced didn’t even include taxes. Those 98 cents aren’t much, but they mean a lot. And it all builds up quickly if you shop for several days or several people. The data is not yet in the Genie + time saver, so it is not yet possible to calculate some kind of value per minute stored online. But there are other ways to calculate value. So today we will compare various Genie + prices for certain holiday sizes and park days with other Disney experiences at a similar cost. In this way we can visualize the compensations for equivalent costs.

Many people resist the price of a Savi’s souvenir lightsaber. But how quickly does your Genie + cost add up to something equivalent?

Explain the math!

Easy math today! We know that Genie + costs $ 15.98 per person per day. This means that the Genie + total cost calculation for your vacation is:

Cost = $ 15.98 x number of people x number of days

So we can quickly compile a table based on these two factors: number of people and number of days, and then show the cost of Genie + for your vacation (which is added to the rest of the costs).

Total cost of Genie +, based on the number of people in your group and the number of park days for which you want to purchase it.

This chart is easy to use: I have four people in my family. Our typical holidays are 4 days of park, one park per day. But we’re not mannequins, so we won’t use Genie + in Animal Kingdom. So 4 people, 3 days of parking makes my Genie + priced at $ 191.76. If I took an adult-only trip with my husband and only wanted to use Genie + at Hollywood Studios, 2 people + 1 day of parking makes my Genie + priced at $ 31.96.

What else could I do with my Genie + money?

Let’s start with some Star Wars swaperoos!

  • 3 people using Genie + for 5 days (or 5 people using Genie + for three days) will cost $ 239.70. This is roughly equivalent to the cost of building a lightsaber in Savi’s workshop (after adding taxes to that purchase). It’s generally considered a pretty “luxury” experience, so if you have two adults and three kids and you’re paying for Genie + for three days, it’s like buying a lightsaber from mom.
  • 1 person using Genie + for 7 days (or 7 people using Genie + for one day) will cost $ 111.86. This is close to the cost of building a droid at Droid Depot (no extras and after taxes). So if you’re planning a week-long solo trip, luckily think about whether you want 7 days of Genie + or a cute little droid to take home.
  • Maybe you have 2 people at your party and you are thinking of using Genie + for your day at Hollywood Studios. This is exactly the same price (without the tip) as two special alcoholic drinks at Oga’s Cantina: a Jedi Mind Trick and a Jet Juice. So would you rather buy Genie + or a fun drink at the end of the night for each of you?
A day without queues or a night drinking at Oga’s? They can be an equivalent cost!

Now for some experience, exchanges!

  • If you make a group of four and use Genie + for 6 days, your total cost would be $ 383.42. For the same price, you can give away your four-person party with tickets to Cirque Du Soleil’s new show, Drawn To Life, at Disney Springs.
  • Now suppose your group of four will only use Genie + for 2 days. Or you are a group of two looking for 4 full days, your cost will be $ 127.84. For this price, you can also take a ride with Amphicar to Disney Springs.
  • If your group of 5 people use Genie + for five days during your vacation, your price will go up to $ 399.50. For about the same cost, you could get two tickets to do the Wild Africa Trek, one of my personal favorite tours at Walt Disney World!
  • We will choose haircuts instead of skipping the lines every time.

    Maybe you’re a group of two adults and two young children going to Magic Kingdom and want to use Genie + for that day. That cost is $ 63.92. For this price, you can get your children’s haircuts at Harmony Barber Shop (when you reopen), including taxes and a tip too!

  • If a group of 6 people want to use Genie + for four days of park, the total cost of Genie + would be $ 383.52. That’s roughly the same cost as a horse-drawn trip to the Tri-Circle D ranch for 6 people, which is $ 55 per person (excluding taxes) for a 45-minute trip. This is a pretty cool and unique thing to do.
  • If you are two adults traveling with some young teens, your cost for 3 days of Genie + would be $ 191.76. This is exactly the same cost (after taxes) as doing archery classes for all four at Fort Wilderness. And your kids wouldn’t love to spend 75 minutes shooting arrows at things ?!

What about the other swaperoos?

  • Wouldn’t you like one of these to show up at your house ?!

    Suppose you are a group of 3 adults and you are planning a big 8 day trip. You can spend $ 383.52 on Genie + to cover your entire trip. Or you can buy a Lego Cinderella castle! And spend many hours of fun building it together when you get home.

  • What if we tell ourselves that you are a group of 8 people who spend eight days and use Genie + every day? Maybe grandma and grandpa and a gang from his family. They’re paying $ 1022.72 for Genie +. Alternatively, Grandma and Grandpa could make a good meal at Victoria & Albert’s with two pairings of wines and get very close to the same total after taxes and tip.
  • A group of three people (two adults and a child) using Genie + for 3 days would spend a total of $ 143.82 on Genie + for their vacation. For the same cost, they could take a morning off and go to breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace, one of my favorite ways to spend a morning at Disney.
  • Maybe on a solo trip you stay 5 days. You can buy Genie + for your entire stay for $ 79.90, or you can use the same amount of money to buy … wait … 12 Mickey Premium Bars. This is a bunch of delicious chocolate covered ice cream.
  • When we consider more expensive combinations, such as 7 people for 6 days or 6 people for 7 days, things become even more interesting. This will cost you $ 671.16. For the same price, in low season, you could get five nights at an All-Star resort.
  • If your group of four is tempted to buy Genie + for an entire week of touring (or a group of seven wants to buy it for four days), that cost is $ 447.44. For this same price, you can easily afford a specialized cruise with fireworks for up to 10 people!

What does this mean for you?

This is mostly fun and traversal, but it helps to raise some points to keep in mind when thinking about whether to buy Genie +:

  1. This does not include the cost of individual access attractions to Lightning Lane. These prices are variable and will certainly increase if there are congestion. This is just Genie +.
  2. Like any Disney decision, the best option is the one that will make you happier and less stressed. If you absolutely hate lines and avoid them at all costs (literally), obviously Genie + is a purchase that makes sense to you.
  3. If you have a tight budget and are willing to take a strategic tour to avoid queues, you can. And then, if you’ve saved some money, maybe you can use the table to treat yourself.

Have you accounted for Genie + for your vacation? Do you have other suggested benefits for our Treat Yo Self table? Let us know in the comments!

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