Will November bring cool weather to Disney World? This is what we are seeing!

Are you planning to be at Disney World in the first week of November? If so, it’s good to take a look at the weather, because Florida can surprise you!

Cinderella Castle on a beautiful October day

Sometimes November has a mild climate and other times it is necessary to wear clothes for warm and cold temperatures depending on whether it is day or night. So don’t think that just because it’s November and there are holiday decorations upstairs, you’ll need jackets and pants! So here we are to tell you all about what the weather will be like next week at Disney World.

First, let’s take a look at the whole week thanks to AccuWeather before we break it down.

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Sunday 31 October

Happy Halloween everyone! This creepy Sunday’s maximum is 76, which is pretty ideal for fall in Orlando. Outside it will be mostly sunny and pleasant and there is only a 4% chance of rain!

Happy Halloween!

If you go to Boo Bash on Sunday night, you’re in luck, because the minimum is 58! Finally, some suitable time for the Halloween season.

Monday, November 1st

On the first day of November, the maximum will return to 80 degrees. However, it will be nice outside, with partly sunny skies and only a 3% chance of rain.

Everest on a partly cloudy day

Monday night’s low is 61 and there will be cloudy partying. There is still a very low probability of rain at 8%.

Tuesday, November 2nd

On Tuesday, the high will be 81 and it will be mostly sunny and pleasant. There is an 11% probability of rain.


Tuesday Night, the low is 63 and it will be mostly clear with a 13% chance of rain.

Wednesday, November 3rd

On Wednesday it will again have a maximum of 81 and there will be clouds and sun. The probability of rain is slightly higher with 25%.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Wednesday night’s low is 65 and it will be partly cloudy. The probability of rain drops again to 15%.

Thursday, November 4th

On Thursday, the thing warms up a bit more with a high of 83. In the morning there will be sun and clouds, but in the afternoon it will be mostly cloudy with only a 10% chance of rain.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thursday night minimum is 64 and it will be partly cloudy. The probability of raining remains approximately equal to 9%.

Friday, November 5th

On Friday there will be a maximum of 82 and there will be some sun with possible storms. There is a 35% probability of rain.

The cloudy one

Friday’s low is 62 and will be clear with only a 3% chance of rain.

Saturday, November 6th

On Saturday, the maximum will be 80 with partly sunny skies and possibly some rain showers. There is a 30% probability of rain.


On Saturday night there will be a minimum of 61 with considerable clouds and a storm in the area. There is a 40% chance of rain and it should rain for about an hour.

The tower of terror as a beacon of magic

This is our look at the weather for next week at Disney World! Stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney news, updates and information.

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Will you be at Disney World the first week of November? Tell us in the comments!

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