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As the saying goes “Never say never,” and even though last June we ended our 8-year monthly visit to Disney Outlet stores, we decided that now, more than ever, our long-suffering readers deserved a gift. this Halloween. So for you, dear reader, we will return to the scariest place we know … the Disney Character Warehouse stores in Orlando.

Stores still limit guests, but virtual wait times are much lower than at any time earlier in the year. With the good comes the bad, though, because the reason these waits are low is because a trip to the Outlets isn’t worth your time right now (at least if you only go to the Disney Character Warehouse).

As someone who has visited Disney Outlets literally hundreds of times over the last decade, it’s hard to get used to seeing the same items in the store for months at a time. Previously, merchandise rotation would be at a rate you wouldn’t even believe (many items didn’t last a day once pirates and eBay distributors chose them). You will now regularly see the same items in the store, week after week. , month after month.

That said, there are things we haven’t seen before this month. Including this Minnie pumpkin.

A Mickey pumpkin was also available. Apparently you’re supposed to use them as a candy bowl according to the picture, but I’m not sure how practical it would be to try to get your hands on these little bowls.

I always thought it was weird when Halloween stuff would be on sale at Outlets before November. Christmas makes sense because Walt Disney World has several Christmas stores open year-round selling merchandise. The window for selling Halloween items is much smaller. You might think that a t-shirt like the one from Minnie Mouse below would still have to be sold in parks or hotels to get that last-minute impulse purchase. Originally $ 29.99, now $ 9.99.

King of the last costume of the Star Wars trilogy. Originally $ 59.99, now $ 24.99. Good news for Star Wars fans. I swore to myself that I would never do a SATURDAY SIX in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge until Disney stopped doing Boarding Groups for Rise of the Resistance. I’ve been a Star Wars fan all my life (to this day my favorite Christmas present of all time was a Han Solo blaster I received when I was little), so that decision was killing me personally, as there there are many things about Galaxy’s Edge I. I loved as a Star Wars fan, but I hated the Boarding Group process so much that I had to do something with my aggressive passive energy.

Well, out of nowhere, Disney stopped boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance (presumably to boost Lightning Lane sales), so you can now expect an upcoming SAT 6 in Batuu. Also, I have to keep in mind that I actually * did * a couple of articles on Galaxy’s Edge, such as The REAL Reasons Disneyland “Feels” Less Crowded After SW: GE Opened, The David and Derek Duet Watching The Do’s and Don’ts of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and even reviewed the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge comic. So you can see, even with a decided stance banning an article on SW: GE, I still had to write about SW: GE, and I’m looking forward to the next SAT 6 with Ronto Roasters, Docking Bay 7, the wonderful bottles of Coca Cola. , and of course my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World, Rise of the Resistance.

This Mulan dress was originally priced at $ 99.99, now only $ 39.99. What’s even more striking is the label on the inside of the dress, which is so long you might think this dress was made in collaboration with CVS.

I know you’re all surprised to find that the button-down t-shirt with a Disney trash can is still at the outlets. I would watch a documentary about a handful of strangers perfectly sane people who bought this t-shirt at the original price of $ 59.99. I need to understand where they come from. A look at this mindset. It has been reduced to $ 19.99 and we have been seeing this t-shirt here for many, many months.

Speaking of t-shirts that have been sitting in the Outlets collecting dust for months … this LEGO Stormtrooper t-shirt is still there. Like the top trash can t-shirt, it was originally priced at $ 59.99, but is now $ 24.99. Now, in April, that t-shirt cost just $ 19.99. We mentioned in our “last report” of the store in June, that one thing that was worrying was that point-of-sale prices were going up. Readers of the Theme Park Fun Index learn about this month’s Disney story by literally putting higher price tags on 50th anniversary items without worrying about removing the lowest price tags there were originally in the articles. Frustrating is not even the word.

They should just wear these “Park Hop Til You Drop” t-shirts to the clothing department and add some sort of “AFTER 2PM” stickers to the bottom or something and then BAM! You can resell them at full price. Originally $ 29.99, now $ 12.99.

Baby Yoda / Yellow long sleeve t-shirt. The original price of $ 49.99 is only crazy. Reduced to $ 24.99.

It doesn’t look so bad on a Stitch shirt. Originally $ 24.99, now $ 12.99.

Do you want to scare someone really this Halloween? Go down and grab this Stitch hooded sweatshirt. You will be a kind of demented character from an unreleased sequel to Donnie Darko. Originally $ 69.99, now $ 29.99.

Disney Cruise Line children’s hooded sweatshirt. I am contractually required to include at least one DCL item to satisfy Captain Cruise Line Scott Sanders from the famous DCL blog. To do so, the Captain will gather all my Metal Earth projects for me, because you know what happens when I try to build them. Originally $ 39.99, now $ 19.99.

Walt Disney World Spirit T-shirt from the Ink & Paint line. Not a fan. Interesting concept but seems too “busy” in execution. Originally $ 69.99, now $ 44.99. At the time of writing, the DisneyLAND version of this same Spirit Jersey is available for $ 28.99 at ShopDisney.

Florida’s official Sun’s Out T-shirt, Gun’s Out. Interestingly, the motto works for both metaphorical “pistols” of biceps and literal weapons because, well, this is Florida. Originally $ 34.99, now $ 19.99.

Minnie backpack. I artistically like this “bow” design because it can look like a floral print from a distance. Originally $ 29.99, now $ 24.99.

Darth Vader crocodiles for kids. Price $ 29.99. Recently, the Disney Food Blog wrote an article titled “We brought fangs to Disney World all day. That’s what happened.” I didn’t actually read the article, but I think it ended up amputating the author’s feet, so you may want to read the article before buying any Crocs.

This is what I like about the Disney Outlet Store. It’s not the Kristoff doll that had a starting price of $ 24.99, now $ 12.99. NO NO. Look at the sign above. Why are you writing “FR2For Frozen 2? WHO IN YOUR ENT, EVEEEEEEEEEEER WOULD WRITE IT LIKE THIS? !!!

Never change Disney Outlets. Never change.

I always find it fascinating that whenever there is a Funko release related to a theme park attraction, the opening day lines are bananas. Still, each of them goes to the Outlets and just sits on the shelves. I know there’s a sort of Funko collecting market, but it must be one of the biggest “bubbles” of any collection I’ve seen. From the outside, these Funkos seem to have very little appeal to a casual shopper. I’m not saying I agree, because personally I think they look great and come up with 100, if not 1000, Funko Pops that I would love to have. Sure that was $ 29.99, it’s now $ 14.99, and it’s been at points of sale for a long time.

Our latest items in this month’s Disney Outlet Store are this set of 4 Back In The Day dishes with Old Timey logos like Disney. Not bad at all. Originally $ 34.99, now $ 24.99. If it was $ 10.99, I think I would have bought it.

When it comes to discount theme park items, one of last month’s most unusual finds was found at a Goodwill. Below is the t-shirt and pants for a member of the Volcano Bay team. When the park first opened, the team members wearing this suit were a kind of welcome position explaining the Tapu Tapu virtual line / system under which Volcano Bay operates. This position has been removed and does not currently exist in the park. It looks like Universal took what was left and gave (sells?) It to Goodwill.

One of the reasons the Disney Outlet Store stock is not replenishing at the rate it was before is because thousands of items are also shipped to Goodwill, Five Below, Burlington Coat Factory and other big mass market discounts. . We’re in an interesting time right now, that’s for sure.

Kia Ora! (photo by @krystaaa)
Volcano Bay ~! (photo by @krystaaa)

Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to read this very special edition of the Outlet Report. Who knows, maybe if you’re good girls and boys, we’ll even see Santa coming down the chimney with another one in a couple of months. Also thanks to the proud new father Josep Machado, the only one @bioreconstruct, and the digital master Scott Walker for your help with this article. Real heroes.

Updated for 2021.

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