MENU CHANGE ALERT: Dynamite Cinnamon Rolls and Price Rise Comes to Disney World

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We had dynamite breakfast

We are in that rare time of year when Halloween fades and Christmas takes over everything. We’ve already seen holiday decorations at Disney World, and we’ve even met some of the holiday snacks we can look forward to this year. But restaurant menus also keep changing at the resort, so we’re overseeing all of that too!

Riverside Mill food capacity

Port Orleans: Riverside has officially reopened and we’ve seen a lot of changes to the menus! The first changes we noticed is that the Garden salad at Riverside Mill Food Court has experienced a sharp price jump: from $ 3.99 a $ 8.99.

Outside at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside

The ingredients remain the same, so we only hope this is a larger portion, given the big price jump.

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Scat Cat Club

Here are some recently added items to the snack section of the Scat Cat’s Club menu, including some of the New Orleans favorites:

  • Loaded potato puffs – Crispy potato barrels with pulled pork and beer cheese sauce for $ 11
  • Boudin balls – a mixture of andouille sausage, smoked sausage and battered and fried raw rice, served with Rémoulade, Creole mustard and pickled vegetables for $ 13
  • Bayou Wings – Smoked chicken wings with a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce served with Cajun chips for $ 16

Scat Cat Club

  • Mardi Gras donuts – Homemade pepper cheese fritters with pepper jelly $ 10
  • Po Boy Seafood Bread – Cheddar and Italian cheese, battered prawns and fried oysters, arugula and tomato drizzled with Rémoulade for $ 15

Here’s the only restaurant that didn’t reopen with Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside

Landscape of flavors

Some seasonal items have been removed from the menu in Landscape of Flavors. This includes the Roasted salmon dinner, roasted chicken with butter, i Roast meat.

Landscape of flavors

These are the only changes here, at the moment.

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All POP!

All POP! he also saw some changes to his seasonal offerings. Both of us Prawns and Semolina i Roast butter chicken have been removed from the menu.

All POP!

Like Landscape of Flavors, though, this is the only change we’ve seen this week.

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Whispering Canyon Cafe

A new and VERY interesting breakfast has arrived at Whispering Canyon Cafe: Dynamite cinnamon sticks. These are bright red cinnamon rolls look like dynamite, which is perfectly branded for Wilderness Lodge! The “dynamite” wick is chocolate covered bacon, which ends with crushed red candies. And it is served with a warm nut glaze next by lightning on the cinnamon rolls.

Dynamite cinnamon sticks

This exaggerated delight is available for $ 12, and they’re both delicious and fun, so why not try them next time you’re there!

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Hangar Bar by Jock Lindsey

There have been some beverage updates at Jock Lindsey’s. In “Signature Libations,” the Anything goes the cocktail has been removed.

Anything goes

In “Beer,” the Kirin Ichiban Lager has now disappeared along with some selections in “Vis” – King Estate Pinot Gris i Jar of Sweet Shiraz jam.

It has been confirmed that Jock Lindsey will be picking up the ugly sweater again this Christmas at Disney World! Learn more here

These are all new items from this week’s menu, but we’ll be back with even more soon, so stay tuned!

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Have any of your favorite restaurants had menu changes this week? Let us know in the comments!


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