What’s coming to Netflix this week: November 1st to 7th, 2021

A very busy week of new movies and TV shows awaits us next week with the first addition of the month bringing us a normal fix of licensed movies and a healthy dose of Netflix Originals The harder they fall And Narcos: Mexico. Here’s a complete rundown of what’s going on Netflix this week.

As we move into a new month, you may want to familiarize yourself with the entire November 2021 lineup in which we got the most extensive rundown with titles not listed anywhere else. Where there are new additions, there are also removals.

The best new movies and TV shows are coming to Netflix this week

Highlights of the movie on November 1st

21 Jump Street Netflix

As we mentioned, there are lots of new licensed movies to kickstart in a week and, in fact, a month.

Here are our top 3 movie recommendations for the first month:

  • Adams Family Values ​​(1993) – Arriving a little late for Halloween, cult classic comedy is still worth a watch, especially with Netflix being invested in the world Wednesday Which is currently filming in Romania.
  • The Nightingale (2018) – An Australian thriller set in 1825 about a young Irish defendant chasing a British officer through the dense Tasmanian desert.
  • 21 Jump Street (2012) – Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in this reboot to drop a drug ring to send a pair of cops back to high school.

The harder they fall

Coming to Netflix: Wednesday

The main Netflix movie release for this week is The Harder De Fall, which is based on a true historical figure but in a fictional story. Directed by James Samuel, the movie tells the story of a criminal who reunites his old gang for a revenge mission.

The huge cast that came together for the feature includes Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Jazzy Beatz, RJ Sailor and Regina King.

The movie currently contains Metacritic 71.

Narcos: Mexico (Season 3)

Coming to Netflix: Friday

Narcos is one of Netflix’s longest-running TV franchises, but its Mexico spinoff will close dramatically over the weekend.

Here’s what you can expect from the third season:

“Season 3 examines the battle that began after Felix’s arrest. As the newly independent cartel struggles to survive political upheaval and growing violence, a new generation of Mexican kings has emerged. But in this war, there are really first casualties – and every arrest, murder and capture pushes the real victory even further … “

A full list of what’s coming up on Netflix this week

Note: This list only applies to Netflix in the United States. Netflix Originals, however, are mostly global releases. Netflix Originals is marked with an N.

Coming on November 1st on Netflix

  • 21 Jump Street (2012)
  • 60 days (Season 6)
  • A river flows through it (1992)
  • Adams Family Values ​​(1993)
  • The Story of an Elf (2011)
  • Angry Birds (Season 4 Slingshot Stories)
  • Bella and the Bulldogs (Season 2)
  • Dave Chappell’s Block Party (2005)
  • Dracula (1992)
  • Elf Pets: Santa St. Bernard’s Save Christmas (2018)
  • Falling in love like a romantic drama (multiple seasons)
  • First Night (1995)
  • Collection (2020)
  • Following it (2014)
  • Johnny Memonic (1995)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (Season 4)
  • Last Action Hero (1993)
  • Moneyball (2011)
  • Montford: The Chicasa Rancher (2019)
  • My Dad’s Christmas Date (2020)
  • Plane Snake (2006)
  • Stripes (1981)
  • Tagged (2021)
  • Te Ata (2016)
  • Texas Rangers (2001)
  • The Big Wedding (2013)
  • Claus family (2021) n
  • Forgive (2017)
  • Daughter of the General (1999)
  • The Nightingale (2018)
  • Thir13en Ghosts (2001)
  • Total Withdrawal (2012)
  • When a Stranger Calls (2006)

Coming on November 2nd on Netflix

  • Camp Confidential: American Secret Nazis (2021) n
  • Ridley Jones (Season 2) n

Coming on November 3rd on Netflix

  • Lords of Scam (2021) n
  • Oga Bolaji (2018)
  • The Harder Star Fall (2021) n

Coming to Netflix on November 4th

  • Amina
  • Catching Killer (Season 1) n

Coming to Netflix on November 5th

  • A Cop Movie (2021) n
  • Big Mouth (Season 5) n
  • Gloria (Season 1) n
  • Love Hard (2021) n
  • Meenakshi Sundareswar (2021) n
  • Narcos: Mexico (Season 3) n
  • Club (Episode 1) n
  • The Online Murder (Season 1) n
  • We could not be adults (2021) N
  • Where is Marta? (Limited series) n
  • Yara (2021) n
  • Zero to Hero (2021) n

Coming on Netflix on November 6th

Coming to Netflix on November 7th

  • Father Christmas is Back (2021) n

What are you looking forward to seeing on Netflix in the next 7 days? Let us know in the comments below.

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