A shadow of enchanted ambassador paper

Foolish welcome to the Haunted Mansion: Ambassador edition.

Ali and Raevon here! We know what you’re thinking: isn’t it time to say goodbye to Halloween and say hello to the winter holidays? Well … you’re right, but we’re taking one last look at some of the fun villains we had with the cast members of Haunted Mansion and Cosmetology during one of the last nights of “Disney After Hours Boo Bash”.

During one of the most enchanting paper shadows to date, we received a ghostly makeover to really help us prepare for the supernatural surprises that awaited inside the enchanted estate.

Every night of special events, members of the Cosmetology cast helped members of the Haunted Mansion cast look … alive as guests at the event explored the mansion after hours.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Trevor, cosmetology coordinator. “We get to bring the fun of cosmetology and makeup to different lines of business that don’t use it every day.”

Without a doubt, this experience was something we’ve been waiting for since we became ambassadors, and it’s also something that Haunted Mansion cast members look forward to every year.

“Working during this season is probably my favorite time of year,” said Haunted Mansion coach Marol. “I see my co-workers becoming more sinister versions of their best self.”

We can’t believe the season of tricks and treats has already arrived and is gone, but we are incredibly grateful to all the cast members who have helped the guests and each other have a macabre time this Halloween. Surely we hope the awesome fun is seized baaaaaaaack!

And with that … it’s time to change the cobwebs for flannel and cocoa pajamas because it’s officially the holiday here at the Walt Disney World Resort, and we’re already planning our next festive shade. Stay tuned!

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