REVIEW: THE ONLY Fall Cupcake You Should Try at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney World has been very busy decorating the holidays recently.

Christmas decoration in Animal Kingdom

We’ve seen up decorations at some of the parks, new holiday products online and in stores, and even some new holiday delights at bakeries. But if you’re wondering what happened to Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid! There are still a couple of treats to remember that it’s still autumn! And today we found one at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

We were looking for new holiday delights at Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom when a cast member told us that their newest item was actually there for Thanksgiving.

Barbecue Flame Tree!

Is the Autumn cupcake celebration, and yes, it’s huge.


This deal is one pumpkin pie with a stuffed with toffee cheesecake i cinnamon-flavored icing on the top. It is decorated with a sticker of the tree of life, a couple of caramel pumpkins, i splashes of autumn leaves. You can get one for $ 5.99. We also had this deal last year, and it used to be at Creature Comforts. The fall cupcake celebration might show up there later this year, but for now, you’ll need to head to Flame Tree Barbecue.

© Disney

This cake is all that fall lovers want. The cake is moist and has a VERY outstanding pumpkin flavor.

We love it.

I the decoration is very festive! If you want an autumn-looking gift for Instagram, this is it. Take a look at these sprays along the base. They are giving us a very “Wind Colors” atmosphere, which is perfect for fall.

So handsome!

That was honestly one of our favorite cupcakes at Disney World. The cake melted in our mouths and the cinnamon icing was pretty new to us. They are usually only covered with copious amounts of plain butter cream, however the added spice made this ice cream a million times better. And there was none quite both ice cream and cake, so the proportion was correct, in our opinion.

There is still a lot of frost

The toffee cheesecake filling had small chocolate chips mixed up too, which closed the deal for us. We are in love.

Is perfect.

If you like autumn flavors, get ready to surprise yourself with this cupcake. It’s definitely heavy for pumpkin, cinnamon and toffee flavors, so if you don’t like it, we recommend you try something else! Zuri’s candy store, in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom, has plenty of options to choose from (including some holiday additions now!).


But you will definitely find us at Flame Tree Barbecue again for this fall creation. Follow DFB for more news on the latest seasonal delights at Disney World!

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Are you enduring the fall or embracing the Christmas spirit? Let us know in the comments!

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