REVIEW: We had a gig at Disney World (and no, that’s not a spelling mistake)

Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations began on October 1 and are still going strong in the parks.

Congratulations on 50 years!

We tried a bunch of snacks, candy and drinks that day, but we’re still finding new ones for the occasion all over Disney World. However, you don’t even have to go to the parks to celebrate, because the last treat we found was actually at Disney Springs!

Frontera Cocina offers all kinds of authentic Mexican food such as tacos, tortas, guacamole and carnitas.

Kitchen Border at Disney Springs

But none of that is what we are here for today! This restaurant (headed by the famous chef Rick Bayless) also has it a new 50th anniversary gift called the Weather in Pignata.

© Frontera Cuina

No, this is not a spelling mistake, it is a pork-shaped dessert piñata! Per $ 28, you can get a shareable piggata, which is in chocolate shell full of cajeta foam, tender cake with abasolo and vanilla whiskey infusion, i a crumble made with chipotle bacon, candied orange and Maria cookies.

The features of this great pig are made with chocolate-coated hard marshmallows.

He is very cute!

I the dessert even comes with a mallet which you can use to break the pig!

Weather in Pignata

But it’s so cute we almost don’t even want to open it! Side note: It is also VERY large. Of course, these desserts can be shared, and we think it would satisfy at least two people, probably more (especially if you’re not very hungry).

It even has a small tail

The filling is a damp yellow cake that has a light (but not overwhelming) whiskey flavor. The cake is placed on top of the mousse de cajeta, which has a slightly sour taste. like sour cream and caramel together.

We opened it!

The chipotle bacon crumble was not the spicy flavor we expected, but you could still taste that it was there. But we could barely taste the candied orange, so we wish there was more to add more sweetness to these desserts. Between the taste of whiskey and the salty taste of bacon, surprisingly it was not very sweet Generally.

Take a look inside

We liked how crunchy it came out of the crumble, though. I Maria cookies are like soft graham crackers with a little cinnamon flavor. They were a little white to ours, but they could be cooler if you don’t spend time taking tons of photos and videos like we do before eating. 🤣

Open broken peg

All the flavors together were honestly not our favorites. The combinations were interesting, and we liked that the flavors were a little different, though the acidity of the mousse and bacon felt a little too strong For us. And the price also seemed a bit high: it can be shared, though $ 28 still seems pretty high.

A bite of pignata

But We think it’s a really fun dessert, and the kids would love the interactivity! It reminds us of our 50th anniversary dessert at another Disney World Mexican restaurant. Remember the pyramid dessert at San Angel Inn at EPCOT?

Pyramid of Festa Major

This is another dessert with a chocolate shell that you have to break to find the mousse and other fillings inside! The pyramid was much harder to open, though. It was also a bit more expensive, a $ 34, but could easily be shared between at least four people.

Mm mm mmm

And we can say that too we preferred the filling (and the cake … and the ice cream …) to the pyramid desserts on the Pignata. So if you have a park ticket for EPCOT, we recommend you go to Hostal Sant Àngel However. But the good thing about La Pigñata is that you don’t need any tickets not at all to get there: just head to Frontier Kitchen at Disney Springs.

Kitchen Border

We’re not sure why Disney World wants us to open all of our desserts now, but we have to admit it’s more fun that way! Follow DFB for more updates on what’s new in Disney World.

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What do you think: are you the Pigñata team or the Pyramid team? Let us know in the comments!


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