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“I spent most of my life in the United States and I became aware of the tattoo group when their big English language hit reached America. ‘The words he said‘It was always my favorite, so when I was asked to be on this album and take part in a tribute concert, it was a normal choice for me. I wanted to do something different with the song in terms of sound and turn my own into it. I hope Tatoo fans around the world – as well as listeners discovering the song for the first time – enjoy it! “


“tATu is such an iconic band. They have left a huge footprint on the world music scene and taken the world by storm in the blink of an eye. Early in my music career I was amazed that a Russian band could gain worldwide recognition and be signed by a big US record label.

I signed by the same label a few years later, but it only shows how much inspiration TATU has brought to this world. I picked it up. ‘Cosmos (outer space)‘Because this song speaks to me differently. I first heard it in 2005 and it immediately stuck in my head. Beneath it is a deep, dark feeling with many more layers I like these songs because they give me a lot of freedom in my creative way to remix. “

Molchat Doma

“The song we wanted to cover was made in about 10 seconds. When we were in Ukraine for our concert, we stopped at a gas station. There we played a song.Crazy-disabled‘On our headphones. And then our manager read a letter with an offer to take part in the tribute. Fate?

The song is still very deep and relevant today, and we consider it one of the highlights of Tatoo’s collection. “

Montochka (Currency)

“I admire the tattoo group and their success. Above all, I appreciate this sense of freedom and pride that they have brought into our national culture and they have brought into society. I thank them for that.

Like any other song, ‘Gay boy‘(Meaning’ gay boy ‘), reflects this sense of freedom that existed at a time when there were both positive and negative aspects. As a person who grew up in the 2000s, it surprised and amazed me. That’s why I chose this song! ”


“In an international competition, I sang a song about internal freedom from stereotypes, the failure of patriarchal understanding of the plight of Russian women, and the common pain and common strength that unites our women in Russia. I faced waves of aggression and misunderstanding. I heard the song at the height of this bullying on social media. ‘Ne var, ne boisia‘(Where Tatu sings’ Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t forgive’ endlessly). I knew the group had also performed at Eurovision, and their courage helped me not to waver and encouraged me to dispel my doubts.

For me, tattoos are a symbol of freedom and love. I’m glad I saw their work as a child — it affected me. Artists who are not afraid to choose between the LGBTQIA + community and overall human rights make the world a better place. ”


‘To me,’The words he said‘Most Power Girl’ song! I remember the first time I heard it it affected me. It was a powerful melody that gave me wings. It gave me the wings for freedom, independence and self-acceptance. Twenty years later, the message is as strong and relevant as ever. “

Embrace nostalgia and start listening to tattoos right now. And mark your calendar for the November 5th tribute album release.

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