Netflix ‘Narcos’ Limited orders series about Griselda Blanco

Narcos: Mexico This may end on Friday but is not fully done with Netflix Narcos Still voting rights. Netflix is ​​set to create a 6-episode limited series starring Sophia Vargara based on Griselda Blanco Restrepo.

Illumindardi first reported yesterday that Netflix did not work Narcos Still voting rights. We’ve been able to confirm that Narcos is actually moving forward with a spin-off limited series that was previously created under its effective title. Griselda And Emerald.

NArcos One of Netflix’s longest-running franchises will be released on Friday, releasing a total of 60 episodes, including three seasons. Narcos And for three seasons Narcos: Mexico. Season 3’s Narcos: Mexico Comes on November 5th.

Pablo Escobar Narcos

Each series focuses on the various drug kingpins of the Mexican and Colombian drug trade as Pablo Escobar, the Cali cartel or, more recently, as a larger entity.

What is the new Narcos spin-off?

This new spin-off series will return to the core of the series by focusing on a single entity in the form of Griselda Blanco Restrepo who was also known by her other pseudonyms be it La Madrina, Black Widow, Narco Trafficking Queen. Or cocaine grandmother.

This new limited series, consisting of 6 1-hour episodes, will describe his reign at the top of the Medellin cartel and how he ran the largest drug business outside of Miami in the 1980s and 2000s.

Katherine Zeta-Jones has played a significant role in a TV movie Cocaine Godmother: The Story of Griselda Blanco In 2018. Jennifer Lopez was significantly considering making a film Godmother Too

Who is behind the new series?

Eric Newman worked as the creator of the original show and is expected to be in the production role.

Doug Miro has joined as a writer and producer for the new series. Miro has worked as a writer for both Narcos And Narcos: Mexico And is currently affiliated with HBO American Lion. Which is in addition to his film work Great Wall, Uninvited, And Magician’s apprentice.

Ingrid Escazeda will officiate the new limited series. Veteran writers, showrunners and producers have worked on various TV shows in a variety of capacities, most recently on Amazon. Sneaky Pete, Of FX Fair, And APB.

Doug Miro Ingrid Escazeda Narcos Emerald

Doug Miro (left) and Ingrid Escazeda (right) – Photo: Getty Images

Who will be the Narcos spin-off star?

As we mentioned, Sophia Vargara is the first name associated with the project.

The Colombian-American actress is perhaps best known for her role as Gloria Delgado-Prichet in ABC’s Modern Family in recent years. He is currently serving as a judge on America’s Got Talent, which began season 15.

Sophia Vargara Grisalda Blanco as Netflix

When will Narcos spin-off start production?

The series will be shooting in Los Angeles and Miami. The date of production, however, is unclear. The BTL production list reveals that the series has already begun filming while another source suggests summer in early 2022.

Based on this information, we shouldn’t expect to see a new spin-off at least until the end of 2022, but 2023 has even more potential.

So far we have so much, we are sure that Netflix will release a full summary of the new show and will probably match this Friday with Narcos: Mexico Season 3.

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