‘Ratched’ Season 2 Netflix: Filming has just started and that’s all we know so far

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Reached It was the third new Ryan Murphy show to hit Netflix exclusively and if you have already tasted through eight episodes, nothing more will come to Netflix. More than a year after Netflix hit Season 1, here’s what we know about Season 2 so far. Reached.

First, let’s start with a quick compilation for anyone unfamiliar with the show.

The TV series serves as a prequel to the 1962 novel and subsequent movie, One cuckoo’s nest over driver (Although much of it can be enjoyed on its own package and without watching the original movie).

The cast includes Sarah Paulson (who often teamed up for Ryan Murphy Productions), Finn Whitrock, Cynthia Nixon and John Bryones. The series was released on September 18, 2020 for positive reviews from critics and viewers.

The series was an award-winning magnet for 4 primetime Emmy Scooping.

How well did Ratched do on Netflix?

The series is one of the most watched Netflix Originals ever. Netflix figures show that 48 million people checked out the show in the first four weeks of release.

The Nielsen rating was available for the title and was viewed 972 million minutes in the United States alone.

The top 10 can give an indication of how well our show did. The series was the 10th biggest TV show of 2022 according to FlixPatrol which came quite late in the year, which is quite significant.

In the United States, the show has been in the top 10 for 28 days. In the UK, it appeared in the top 10 for 39 days.

Ratched Season 2 renewal status on Netflix

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (last updated: 09/20/2020)

It’s worth noting that Ryan Murphy’s overall deal with Netflix is ​​not technically valid for Rachael (or indeed The Politician). Because the two shows are actually made by ABC and Fox Studios and then sold to Netflix which is the opposite of making them under the Streamer banner. The original first full Netflix original title from Murphy to Netflix was in early 2020 in Hollywood which had most of Ratched’s glitz and glamor but eventually fell flat for us.


When Netflix picked up Ratched in September 2017, it came with a two-season initial order. It’s been a bit different since the original press release in which we got an episode more than the original promise but according to the deadline report, “Ratched has ordered a two-season, 18-episode straight-to-series”. This means that season 2 is 100% happening however, it depends on a lot of what time it will happen because we will get it soon.

Many outlets are reporting that the second season of the series is still in the air, with big outlets like DigitalSpy and other UK tabloids. However, Netflix has picked up The Politician with Season 2 orders and respected it and we have no reason to believe it won’t happen here.

What to expect from Season 2 of Ratched

Season 1 of Ratched ends in an all-powerful cliffhanger because you’re probably aware of it now.

Edmund Tolson has fled for a while from the mental institution where the Charlotte and Lewis met with the trio in Mexico, but will he go back and finish the job?

Beyond that, DigitalSpy predicts that we’ll see different relationships explored, such as Rachael and Briggs, and Edmund and Charlotte.

Best Netflix TV Villain Nurse Rached Rached

Another question is whether the series will go beyond season 2. In an interview with OprahMag, “We have one last game. The story has an end, as we know it, culturally, but very little is known about Mildred Richard in movies and books. Nothing about his past. He’s a monolith. It almost seems like he really is. Not a person. “

Some have speculated that the series will finally end in a crossover with the movie released in 1975 but for now, it’s all speculation.

Ratched Season 2 When will production begin?

Current production status: Still unknown (last updated: October 2021)

More than a year after the release of Season 1 on Netflix, we still have no idea when the series will return to production.

We didn’t see any evidence of any filming and gave Sarah Paulson a heavy schedule for choice. He has been working significantly American Crime Story In this case.

Murphy is working hard for Netflix until November 2021 (in addition to his other library titles) with 11 projects in development.

Our best bet at the moment is that production will probably start in 2022 which also means 2022 release date Reached Season 2 seems like a push right now.

One thing we’ll mention is that one of Ratched’s filming locations, the Big Sur Lucia Lodge Resort, burned down significantly in the summer.

While we’ll be keeping an eye on everything on Netflix’s What’s Up Racing Season 2, we’re also requesting you to follow a few Twitter accounts:

  • AHSZone on Twitter And Instagram is a love letter to Ryan Murphy content and they keep up to date with all his upcoming productions, including Ratched.
  • BrasilRatched on Twitter There’s also some excellent coverage of the series where we found most of the BTS shots leading up to the show’s promotion.

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