‘Vikings: Goodbye’ Season 2 has finished production in Ireland

Vikings: Bhallahalla – Photo: MGM Television / Netflix

Production has just ended in 2 seasons Vikings: Well done With another season still to be filmed. This news comes as season 1 Vikings: Well done Netflix has not yet dropped what is expected to happen in 2022.

A quick compilation for those who loop out.

Vikings: Valhalla is an upcoming sequel to the hugely popular History Channel series Vikings (which eventually went on Amazon).

It was produced by MGM Television and as we first reported, a huge episode was ordered with orders before 24 episodes. As we now know, these episodes are expected to be parceled out in three seasons.

Production of the first season was at the end of 2020 and throughout 2021 Production of the second season has been 20 throughout 2021

Now thanks to several posts on social media from the team working on the project, Season 2 has now been confirmed to stop production.

According to KFTV, August 2021 is the second season in Ireland for which production has resumed. According to that report, production would have resumed at the beginning of the year without the coronavirus.

Michael Hurst told KPTV:

“I am very happy that we are returning to Ireland and the glorious County Wicklow at Ashford Studios, our home for the past eight years. Our Irish crew is, in my opinion, the best and most professional crew in the world. And it’s a great pleasure for me to share with my producer Morgan O’Sullivan that we have been able to provide continued employment to hundreds of Irish men and women. “

Pictures have been posted online throughout the entire production of Season 2, including this glorious shot from Visit Weekly.

In a post on Instagram, Caroline Simonette wrote on November 2, 2021 that the product was wrapped up as follows:

“Season 2 has just wrapped up [Vikings: Valhalla]! Enjoyed working on the show with my Irish brothers / sisters and it is set to be EPIC! Especially led by Die Hard’s Jeb Stewart. “

We will keep you posted on everything Vikings: Well done When we get it.

Are you looking forward to watching Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix in 2022? Let us know below.

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