What would the periodic table be like if Disney were in charge

Disney World has lots of fun details around parks and hotels.

There are many hidden details in Galaxy’s Edge!

From classic attractions to new lands to restaurants in outer space, there is so much more to Disney than meets the eye. Another place to find these fantastic details is Disney Springs, and we wanted to talk to you a unique detail that you can overlook (especially if you get easily distracted with sweets!).

This is the Goofy Periodic Table of the Elements to Goofy’s Candy Company!

It’s time to learn about the elements!

It’s similar to the normal periodic table of elements, but it’s everything Disney characters. And while the elements are made to believe, the table actually has the precise information when it comes to labeling elements like atomic number, symbol, weight, and name. It’s a great way to introduce some science to your kids using characters they know.

It’s more fun to learn with Disney

First, we have the The seven smallest elements. Can you guess who these names bear? The 7 Snow White dwarfs, of course! We have Sleeponium, Happilium, Gruponium, Docodinium, Bashfulium, Dopium and Sneezium.

You can probably find some of these items in underground mines

Then, we have the Elements of evil, I like Ursalia, Jafarius, Scaronius and Cruel·lonium. These items are dangerous, so don’t get wrapped up unless you have a backup, like a genius!

Beware of these

Other villains on the table include Ratcliffium, Maleficent and Sidium. Suppose Maleficent is bad enough for the item to match her real name!

Maleficent seems very combustible

On the other side you have the Disney basics I like Mickeyium, Minium, Donduckium, Daisium, Goofium, Tinkonium and Pluto (which is actually a real chemical element).

The basic characters!

Finally, in the middle are the Elements of the Royal Degree. You will find items bearing the name of princesses like Jasmonium, Bellium, Mulanium and Arielonium. Princes are also represented, with Aladi, Beastonium and Charmonium.

Which item has the best name?

And, there are some very important furry friends like Winnoinum, Mowgilium and Thumponium.

It is found exclusively in the Hundred Acres Forest

There are even a few Pixar friends here Buzzonium, Woodonium and Hammium!

The buzzonium was only found in outer space, but has since landed on this planet

If you look around, you may even find some funny characters like Timonium, Pumbanium, Mushunium and Drizzelanium. And, who can be forgotten Gusgusium, which we hear is found naturally in cheese🧀😉.

The dynamic duo

So the next time you come to Disney Springs, stop by and see if you find your favorite character! It’s a small clean detail that makes Goofy’s Candy Company even more interesting. Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news and updates.

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What is your favorite item on the Goofy periodic table? Let us know in the comments!

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