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We’ve all been there – you’re ready and prepared for an amazing vacation and something is wrong. Maybe your flight is delayed and you miss something you had planned on the day of arrival, or you get sick and feel miserable while you’re there, or the weather is horrible and you have to stay inside. It’s so disappointing!

No matter how big or small your problem is, it’s never fun to feel disappointed during the holidays, and even more so on a trip to Walt Disney World! You’ve probably been planning your dream trip to Disney for months, if not years, and desperately want everything to be pretty much perfect in every way.

It’s always a happy Disney vacation (except when they’re not).

Unfortunately, things happen, even in the most magical place on earth. It is how we deal with these disappointments that really defines us and will define how we look back on our journey for years to come.

When you look for some tips on how to deal with your disappointment, you can find answers in some memorable Disney slogans.

Be ready

Like Scar (and the Boy Scouts), it’s always good to be prepared.

They say the best offense is a great defense, so one of the best ways to avoid some disappointments on your trip is to plan ahead.

Check the schedule, parking and opening procedures of each park in advance so you know what to expect and make advanced dining reservations 60 days in advance for the restaurants you have decided on. Set up and familiarize yourself with the My Disney Experience app to learn how to use it in parks.

Some of the My Disney Experience features to get acquainted.

Check out the WDW refurbishment schedule to see if any trips, shows, restaurants or shops will be closed during your trip, so don’t expect to experience it, just get annoyed on arrival.

Be sure to check the typical weather conditions for your dates, as well as the forecast when appropriate, so you can make sure you have the right clothes and supplies for anything Mother Nature has to offer. .

Bring the necessary ones such as Airborne, hand sanitizer and face masks to help you avoid getting sick on the plane or at WDW. As a person who gets very cold, I know there is nothing worse than being sick on vacation!

These are just some of the things you can research and take with you to be prepared for everything you have booked your vacation and help you avoid major disappointments.

You have a friend in me

The cast members are very friendly and are available to help you!

If something goes wrong while you’re anywhere on the WDW property, a cast member can become your new best friend. They are extremely helpful and are generally willing to go further to help with everything they can.

Maybe you’ve lost your wallet, or your Magic Band isn’t working properly, or your neighbors at the resort are playing music at 3 a.m., or your son just dropped Mickey’s bar the second you handed him. It’s easy for these things to make you fall, or even derail all day. But if you kindly and patiently explain your problem to a cast member, they will be happy to help you and get you back on track!

Just remember: cast members are doing the best they can, but they can only do so many things. Be kind to them too and always say thank you!

Let it go

Remember to always leave it! Photo credit Kylene Hamulak

If your favorite trip has gone down, the rain won’t stop, or the wait times are much longer than TouringPlans predicted (hopefully not, but hey, it happens!), It’s very easy to feel disappointed. Stress levels are already high for all planning, preparation, travel and heat. Sometimes it just takes something wrong to push us to the limit.

If something unexpected happens that is out of your control and out of the control of a cast member, take a few moments to breathe. Try to calm down (or your loved one), regroup and find your inner joy.

Try to focus on the things that give you joy!

Look around you and try to pick a fun detail of the landscape that you may have missed. Have a glass of water and listen to the music playing above. Talk to your group about your favorite things you’ve done, seen, or eaten so far during your trip. This will help you focus on the good and, as Elsa says, let go.

It’s okay to be sad, upset, or stressed for a moment, but try to remember: you’re at Disney World!

He just keeps swimming

Sometimes things don’t go as planned … (photo by @Blog_Mickey)

After all your meticulous planning, you want everything to go perfectly according to this plan. However, this is unrealistic.

At some point, you’ll have to deal with the disappointment of your trip to Disney. If you know this in advance and are willing to accept it, you will be able to roll with your fists and keep swimming, instead of breaking completely. Maybe think of your plan as Jack Sparrow would, more like a guideline.

If you fail to experience something that you had put your heart into, maybe you can go back and do it again. You can still have a good time overall, even when some things go wrong. Who knows, they might even lead to something better, or at least memorable!

Your trip to Walt Disney World should be a magical experience. And it sure will be, if you follow these wise words from Disney to help you deal with any disappointments you may encounter.

What have been your biggest Disney disappointments? How did you treat them? Let us know in the comments!

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