First look: An action-packed “Incredible” family-themed competition coming to Disney Wish

It’s no secret that the Disney Wish will be amazing. Our newest boat, which will debut in the summer of 2022, will be packed with new activities and features at Disney Cruise Line and today we reveal the latest details on another unique experience of its kind!

You may remember that we mock a very interesting new lineup in Hero Zone, a futuristic sports field where our guests will experience a new kind of active family play. Now, I am very excited to share a first look at the family superpower competition that is being developed exclusively for this space.

Presentation … the Cross-play! Inspired by the dynamic characters of Pixar’s “The Incredibles,” this highly interactive and imaginatively produced gaming program will take families on an incredible obstacle course with exaggerated physical challenges over the powers of Parr family heroes and their bonds. friend Frozone: no layers needed!

  • The heroes will first test their strength by busting a “brick” wall during The power of Mr. Amazing.
  • Jack-Jack’s Whack-A Rac will pit players against Rocky and his raccoon friends, which you may remember from “The Incredibles 2”.
  • Only the most flexible families will conquer the twists and turns of Elastigirl Stretch-O-Branch.
  • The fast family will be the first Dash’s Mad Dash Mayhem.
  • Violet force field swing will send supers gliding through a lava field. (Remember we are using our amazing imagination here!)
  • The strong finish includes cooling Frozone gel slide, where the heroes will ascend to the highest peak and slide down the icy slope until victory.

This gaming-style experience will feature high-energy hosts, adrenaline-boosting music, special effects and more that will make our guests say, “That was totally bad!” (IYKYK) Which means it will be as much fun and entertaining for those who decide to watch from the sidelines as those who are immersed in the action. (Hero Zone has plenty of viewing space on the balcony for spectators to admire the fearless feats of their cruise companions.)

But these aren’t the only heroes in the store for this action-packed scenario. Hero Zone will also be the new home for a favorite Disney Cruise Line experience: Jack-Jack’s amazing diaper board! Now with more fanfare than ever, this beloved competition will offer fantastic kids a chance to compete for the coveted Diaper Dash Champion title as they crawl at speed down a 20-foot track amidst the family’s cheers (and laughter). friends and adoring fans.

In addition, when Hero Zone is not fully equipped with superhero equipment, it will be a free play sports center where guests can enjoy a friendly competition with basketball, football and a variety of board games, including ping-pong. , air hockey, table football and key game.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already practicing my super skills in anticipation of these new epic experiences aboard the Disney Wish. Who will you train with for the Incredi-Games and what challenge are you sure to succeed? Let us know in the comments below!

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