NEWS: Disneyland is not required to comply with the $ 18 minimum wage voting measure

In 2019, Disneyland Resort was sued for not raising wages according to a new Anaheim “decent wage” voting measure.

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In 2018, this new electoral measure established a minimum wage guideline for selected companies in Anaheim and one The judge has recently determined that Disneyland is not required to follow this measure.

In November 2018, Anaheim residents voted in favor of an election measure that would require certain companies to raise wages to at least $ 18 by 2022. This measure applies specifically to companies receiving grants from Anaheim City Council, and Disneyland Resort employees and support unions sued Disneyland in 2019 for not following this new measure.

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According to the Orange County registry, a judge ruled on Oct. 29 Disneyland is not required to follow this election measure. While Disneyland benefits from a 1996 Anaheim agreement that allows them to use hotel taxes to pay off the debt of Mickey & Friends’ parking structure, the Orange County High Court judge , William D. Claster, decided that this does not qualify as a tax subsidy or bonus.

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As reported by the Orange County Registry, Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster said: “…the city of Anaheim does not offer any bonuses or subsidies to Disney, “and noted that the 1997 Disneyland expansion was a” public-private partnership “with the city of Anaheim with a shared goal of stimulating the economy of Anaheim visitors. Back to All Ears for more Disneyland news.

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