REVIEW: Why this brownie is a miracle at Disney World

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Disney’s Beach Club

Yes, we know, Halloween has just ended, but Disney is throwing candy everywhere! As if we weren’t enthusiastic enough about the merchandise and party decor, we’ve been getting into the holiday spirit by trying festive treats at some Disney World resorts. Ara, we go to Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, where there is a treat for guests with dietary restrictions!

At the Beach Club Marketplace, the Beach Club Lobby and The Market at Ale & Compass, you can find the Herbal brownie and gluten friendly. It is made with chocolate brownies and chocolate ganache. This candy is pretty simple and before we were very impressed with the herbal sweets, so let’s see what it tastes like!

The case of market treatment

Our DFB reporter who tried this brownie is vegan, and he said it it was amazing. The consistency is very attractive, and there is a strong chocolate flavor both brownie and icing. Was wet and dark, which is exactly what a brownie should look like, in our opinion.

Here they are! They are tagged as “herbal brownie”

The ice cream was also a huge hit, our reporter said yes delicious and smooth and nothing like the nightmare of coconut oil you’ll sometimes find in vegetable desserts. It tasted like a traditional chocolate icing. According to our journalist, even those who don’t eat gluten or don’t vegan will probably enjoy these desserts a lot.

Ready to dig?

Another popular vegan and gluten-free place at Disney World is Erin Mckenna’s Bakery NYC (located in Disney Springs). We thought this brownie was really better than most of the delights we had there. The brownie is simple and delicious, and it looked a lot like a normal, sweet brownie.

It looks amazing

If you prefer a denser brownie or more cake, this may not be your favorite. It was a bit like a pudding cake, as we couldn’t have grabbed it if we wanted to. It was too soft and damp for that, but we thought the texture was perfect for that particular treat.

You can already tell how crazy he is!

In short, this brownie is a blessing to all who eat herbal or gluten-free. We will be back for another soon!

so delicious

You can get the herbal brownie $ 4.99 at the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts. The brownie will be available from now until December 31st, so be sure to check it out if you think it’s something you’d like! We will continue to show you holiday delights throughout Disney World; stay tuned for more!

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What’s your favorite herbal or gluten-free snack at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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