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Whether you’re just warming up or at the peak of your fitness routine, the right music can change your entire workout — as can the right trainer. This is something that both Spotify and Piloton know well: Working out is one of the best moments to listen to on Spotify and music is vital to Peloton’s experience.

We saw this last year when Peloton coached Olivia Amato And Kendall tool Introduced Two newly guided musical fitness experiences In Peloton which was associated with the word Spotify Power Hour We have also introduced the playlist Love track Features that allow fitness buffs to save their favorite Spotify tunes while sweating. Now Spotify and Peloton are taking their partnership to the next level, combining their strengths to bring the best fitness and audio benefits to fans.

Starting today, Peloton is taking center stage Spotify’s workout hub. The fitness brand now has a dedicated Curated by Peloton Shelf in the hub that displays seven playlists from their world-class instructors and popular fitness disciplines. They are connected Piloton is driving, Tunde Oyeneyin’s playlist, Power by Peloton, And more These curated playlists give an interior look to the songs featured in the classroom, as well as to instructors who teach with music that is perfect for any workout. In addition to Tunde, this month we will be showcasing playlists from different groups of Superstar Peloton instructors, including VP of Peloton Fitness Programming, Robin Saddlethry, Trades and Strength Trainer Adrian Williams, Yoga Instructor Mariana Fernandez, And cycling and strength trainers Ally love.

To celebrate, we created a co-branded workout class with Peloton that featured some of our most popular playlist songs, such as Today’s best hit, Door Knockers, Loafy Beats, Blue, And Reggaeton dance, Play across Their programming. HuhWhether you are preparing for cycling, trade, strength or yoga, you can work on the best tunes through these new classes at Peloton.

And speaking of trainers, For the record There was a conversation that would get your heart racing. We spoke with one of Peloton’s most challenging and inspiring cycling and bike bootcamp instructors, Tunde Wayne, About the music that keeps him energized.

For those new to Peloton, how would you describe your class and experience?

I mean, “I’ll always push you, but I’ll never let you read.” I love teaching challenging classes because I like to be a vessel that gives people access to a larger version of themselves. When people unclip with me after a class, they think they have achieved more than they were capable of.

How does music fit into your classroom and your teaching method?

What makes a class is structure, sound, music. Speaking the right thing at the right moment. All of this makes the show.

Who I am musically – my tastes, my preferences, my love of music – I think part of what I know in Pelot. People come to me for a variety of reasons: if they want someone to inspire hell from them, if they want to challenge, and if they really want a great playlist. The music in my playlist is definitely a factor that attracts people. And I think sometimes people don’t necessarily want the challenge, but they’re so addicted to the playlist that it usually pulls them off. I am very intentional. In order for me to do what I want you to do, you have to have a soundtrack that drives you.

Music drive. My hope has always been that I dragged the songs and arranged them in an order that would allow you to untap and reach the best of the day.

Can you pick music for your class and take it with us?

I spend a lot of time on the music front. I am certainly an instructor that leads with music. I think music creates melody. The best classes are really like a great book — there is a beginning, a middle and an end There is ebb and flow. Every moment cannot be the highest moment, the hardest moment. There needs to be a balance. So I use music not only to balance, but also to tell stories.

And then the BPM of a track, or bits per minute, really helps to create the program, whether we’re on a flat road or the biggest hill in our lives. Life is not flat, it means there are ups and downs, there are peaks and valleys. I try to use music to illustrate this when programming the class.

Do you have any artists or songs to bring energy boost at the end of class?

Beyonc, Drake, And Ariana Great My list of artists is on the go. Those who ride with me know that if I play “I lost my breathBy Child of Destiny And then something Outcast, Miss Elliott, Or DMX-If you see it as a finisher – it’s probably a crazy class.

What are you listening to outside of Peloton Studios?

I think people will be surprised to know how much I like house music outside of my Peloton playlist. I’m a big fan of alternative music, as much as I like it Killer. I love Deception. I got a wildly eclectic taste of music. I think it comes across bikes. I play a lot of artists. Everything from hip-hop and pop to rock, Latin and dance. But in my personal world, it became more eclectic. The house is a lot to me এবং and as good as the R&B of the 90s Mrs. Lauren Hill And Brandy.

When did you start liking music?

I’ve always liked words. I have always loved dancing. I think that movement is a celebration of life. And if movement is a celebration of life, then music is the vessel that brings that celebration. I grew up in a Nigerian family. My parents are Nigerian, so the drum is like my soul.

Do you have any suggestions for people who are a little afraid to jump in class or get on the bike?

Do it! Do it anyway! Don’t let your fears get in the way. The beauty of uncertainty is infinite possibilities. Embrace uncertainty.

What are you waiting for Jump into a new fitness routine, ride or stretch your path. To explore Curated by Peloton Shelves for musical inspiration.

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