2 GREAT Changes made to the NEW Cirque du Soleil show coming to Disney World!

After the opening of Attracted to life (Cirque du Soleil’s new show arrives at Disney Springs) it was delayed just before its original opening date due to the global pandemic, the creators had time to think more deeply about the show.

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Attracted to life is now set to opened at Disney Springs on Nov. 18, and today we were able to attend a virtual media event with the creators. During the event, they talked in depth about the show and how it serves as a love letter to the animation. We learned that during the delay, the creators made some big, dynamic changes! Let’s get into it.

Attracted to life is a story about a twelve-year-old girl named Julie who is commissioned to finish an animation project left by her Disney animator father after her death. Syou have to embark on an animation quest full of imagination, dreams and memories of Disney childhood.

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During the delay of the show, the creators were able to review the story with new eyes, through a lens of loss and life. They finished adding two new acts to the show, and both are good additions!

The Old Mill

This new act is inspired by the Disney animated film from 1937, The Old Mill, and have developed a double wheel structure that resembles a windmill and provides a basis for gravity-challenging acrobatic movements. In the story, Julie has imagined a storm threatening the windmill, which is home to some owls who have to work together to stay safe.

© Cirque du Soleil

Performers need to keep up with the structure of the wheels going up and down, with some even in the air!

Garden of the Lines

It is usually based on Garden of Lines Pinocchio. In this section, five performers play the role of the Blue Fairy while sliding on the ground in unicycles. The performers have carefully choreographed and synchronized their movements, all performed on unicycles. Even a cyclist jumps on the ropes while on her unicycle!

© Cirque du Soleil

This act deals with the lines that are the beginning of an artist’s creation, and the section is inspired by the whimsical fairy tales of our childhood.

La Nouba

During today’s event, we also learned a fun detail about the show’s stage. For those you love La Nouba, which ran for 19 years at Disney Springs, the creators hinted that there are ONE La Nouba props hidden in the show.

© Cirque Du Soleil Outfits

You’ll probably need a watchful eye to spot it, so be sure to watch carefully when watching the show!

Cirque du Soleil store

Do you want to pick up goods to celebrate this new show? Then you’re in luck! He The Cirque du Soleil store has reopened today at Disney Springs before the opening of Attracted to life, and you can start stocking up on merchandise!

Cirque du Soleil store

But, here are more things to see than just merchandise. Look carefully: do you find the special item in the room? You can see a desk lamp bigger than the life hanging from the ceiling (we can’t help but remember Luxo, Jr.).

Do you see the light?

There was quite a bit of news Attracted to life merchandise available. The majority includes inspiring phrases related to imagination and animation.

Cirque du Soleil store

This gray long-sleeved hooded t-shirt says “animation is imagination. ”

Hooded top

There are also many items with bright rainbow details, like with this sequin backpack, and this colorful t-shirt carries the phrase “he always dreams of color. ”


You can also get one rainbow bag that reminds you color dreams.

He always dreams of color

Another great article is this “animation is imagination ”bag! Looks like it came straight out of a 2D animation!

Animation is imagination

You can also grab a bottle of rainbow water that says “he always dreams of color”To help you stay hydrated while you work to make your dreams come true!


This children’s dress says “enter the forest of your imagination”And has splashes of rainbow colors.

Children’s dress

And this adorable t-shirt says “let your imagination fly”And presents characters holding balloons.


You can “draw your own destiny“with this red, white and blue bow hat …

Bow hat

… or you can grab that blue hat that says “life is what you get out of it. ”

Life is what attracts you!

You can also check this out gray sweatshirt with the same sentence!


It’s a lot of new merchandise to get even before the show opens! Stop by Disney Springs to check it out and stock up Attracted to life elements.

Want to know more about the show? Watch the video below!

As we mentioned earlier, Attracted to life opens at Disney Springs on Nov. 18 and tickets are already on sale, though some performances have already sold out. We will be watching for more news about this program and will share it with you. Keep reading DFB for more Disney World news!

VIDEO: Backstage Attracted to life!

Do not miss it Cap Disney fun!

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