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CMT producer and host Cody Allan Behind the mic, accustomed to interviewing the country’s top artists about their shared passion-country music. But next week, the South Carolina native will focus on himself, use his words in a new way, and tell his own story in his music-infused memoirs, Here’s the thing.

“I can’t help but think that if we listened to each other, listened to ourselves, and listened to our hearts and our insights, how much better the world would be,” he explained. “It simply came to our notice then. One of the main points of this book is that it can guide you too. ”

Forward Here’s the thingReleasing November 9, For the record I soon heard from the author about the book, his lifestyle, and his passion for country music that unites the two.

How you were inspired to write your memoirs, Here’s the thing?

Because of the work I have done for CMT on television and radio for so long, I think I have been able to interview music artists from almost every country. I can do the kind of interviews that still blow my mind with people like me Dolly Parton And some great choices Loretta Lynn And George Method, Garth Brooks—And then with the new crop of the country’s artists, from Luke Brian Per Carrie Underwood, Per Keith Urban, Luke Comb, And beyond. So having these stories with so many people over the years has made me think, oh, maybe I can share these stories. These can be fun for people to read.

And then I came out [as gay] In 2017 and I realized that I have an interesting place in country music, which is different from everyone else. And that perspective can also be helpful for people to hear or read or learn about.

You have hosted many interviews and conversations with music people from all over the country. How did that experience translate into writing?

Writing is much more difficult for me. I’m much better on the air. If I have bullet points instead of sentences, I don’t have to read word for word. On the radio, you learn to think on your feet and everything happens spontaneously. So it helped me as a conversation. But when it comes to writing a book, of course, we all know that it has words and punctuation marks and paragraphs and all those rights.

And so it was challenging because it wasn’t the normal way I work. But over time, that is likely to change. And as I said, it took years to turn the book into what it is now. And with all these challenges comes a lot of learning and growth to create a book that I am very excited about. It’s not just labor of love for me, it’s made with words that I’m really proud of that I think will help a lot of people.

How did music come into your creative process? Did you play anything special while planning or writing the book?

Country music is the soundtrack of many things in my life. I can come back with my first memories of listening to country music that grew up in my home in South Carolina. My mother makes breakfast every morning এক every morning! খনwhen country music was playing on the speaker in the kitchen radio. And so I associate the smell of breakfast entirely with the sound of country music. And then throughout my life, it’s always been one of those things that I’ve come back to.

When I shared the chapters for the book, I wanted everyone to have a lyric of a song related to that chapter. So there you have it for one chapter Carrie UnderwoodLove wins“And it says that” love can win through anything. “And another chapter where I talk about coming out a little more touching, I’m quoting from one Luke Brian The song that says we should all “Love the one we love“And there are some moments throughout the book where I’ve got songs while you’re diving into chapters.

I am a pure music person; I love music. It drives everything I do and of course there was a driving factor to the book.

In our recent times Spotify: Discover it Episodes on country music, Breland and Lily Rose Talked about being a minority in the stream. How have you noticed the country’s landscape change in recent years open to more types of people?

I love Lily Roses. What a great musician and artist. I had a few conversations with him myself and I dug up a lot of his stuff. In the last few years, there has just been a new openness and inclusion that did not exist before. I came out in 2017. Extensive changes have taken place since then. When I came out there were no gay and country music makers. And so it was a little scary to talk, to be completely honest. But since then, people, including chart-topping artists, have had this shock TJ Osborne Of Brothers Osborne Finding his way and telling his truth. And how strong are you with someone representing his success?

And I’ve seen it happen more-and not just among LGBTQ people, but with African Americans. There Breland, There Mickey Gaiton, Jimmy Allen. You can see this jolt of activity where diversity in country music is being celebrated and I think it’s a great thing. There’s a real cry going on among a lot of people right now to show that country music isn’t what you think it is. It’s open. It’s free. And it is more diverse than ever. And I think the door is being opened for a lot of people who are different; I think it’s a beautiful thing and I invite it and I love it.

Tell us about the playlist you created to support your book launch. There is country music — but Madonna, panic! At the disco, Lizo, And other surprises.

Every song means something or other in my life. For example, Keith Urban Forward wrote for my book, which was a big surprise deal for me because, it’s Keith Urban! I can make you a complete playlist of Keith Urban’s songs and each one will make sense to me — it’s the kind of impact he has on my life. So I knew I needed to include some songs from her, “Someone likes you

By “High Hopes” Panic! At the disco– No one can laugh when they hear the song. It’s a jam. This is probably one of my most played songs on Spotify. Whenever I need to get up, I play that song and feel good. And it reminds me of where I came from and if you believe in something it can happen. I talk about it in the book. I believed a kernel of truth that I could be on TV, and that somehow blossomed into reality. That song reminds me.

I grew up so in the 80s Madonna I had the 80s. I can’t put Madonna on a playlist of my life. For video “Explain to you“… there were men hammering, like in the factory or something else. A questioner trying to understand himself as a gay boy, it helped me understand that I’m not like the other boys. There’s something groundbreaking about that video.”

I wanted to include Puppies And “Long way closerBecause they had a lot to do with my Texas time. I think I’ve come a long way in my life and made choices that other people wouldn’t. When I left South Carolina, I was the first in my family to drop the pin code. I decided to go my way differently and take a long way around and it certainly led to a lot of great things. But at first I was a little scared.

But making those different choices leads me to a lot of happiness and my family finally sees that going the long way is not a bad thing. It’s actually often you have to go to find yourself and your dreams.

Dive into the songs that make the most sense of Cody’s life “Hear the Thing” playlist.

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