Review: The drink you need if you are not yet ready to celebrate your vacation at Disney World

It’s a new month at Disney World, which means it’s time for news monthly menu items to make an appearance! One of the places we like to watch every month is the Coca-Cola drink bar on the roof en Disney Springs.

Coca Cola shop and rooftop drinks bar

Menu items from previous months have included the Warm heat summer heat and the Simply Razzle Dazzle. Today, we’re taking some seasonally appropriate flavors for November Drink of the month! If you’re not ready to move from the flavors of fall to the holiday selections listed at Starbucks, the Coca-Cola Rooftop Drink Bar may be the place to stop!

This month’s favorite drink at the Rooftop Bar is at Caramel apple cider!

We found the November drink!

It is made with Simply apple juice, Smirnoff Kissed Caramel and Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple.

Caramel Apple Cider

So is it garnished with WCream with a splash of caramel and a slice of apple on the lip of the cup.

Comes with a nice slice of apple as a garnish!

This CALL drink falls! We thought so it wasn’t too sweet And this it had the right amount of every flavor – Essentially, it tasted like alcoholic apple juice with caramel. We found that whipped cream didn’t blend well with the drink on its own, unless you really wanted to make your drink a little creamier and stir it.

It’s falling into a cup!

In fact, stirring can be a good idea regardless. We found it most of the alcohol was in the bottom of the drink, so in the end you might find yourself in for an unexpected surprise if you don’t mix it up! While we don’t think it’s the most photogenic drink in the world (especially compared to your Blueberry Shimmer Belini), overall this is a very nice seasonal drink to try if you like autumn flavors!

If you like autumn flavors, this may be the perfect drink for you.

You can try this drink for yourself $ 15 if you visit the Rooftop Bar in November! Be sure to follow him as we try even more seasonal treats at Disney World; there are a lot of them popping up as the holiday season begins.

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